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30.04.2012, 08:38

And finally we work together (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

yes finally it has happen that baldies get their act together and do something good for the sake of hair loss. i was happy to read a lot of postings here from moawk, moopookooo and ironman, especially the latter one showed us all ONE BIG PROBLEM RIGHT NOW

first of all thanks moawk for being a german guy who has not "seinen Verstand weggekifft wie die anderen Flitzepiepen" because when i posted the PDF at alo, people asked me to actually explain all statements. i refused to do this because people have to learn the meaning of this pdf and when i tell them what they discuss in this pdf the brainiac moment would become obsolete, cause everyone with a brain would know by then what this has to do with advancements.

ironman, i wasnt reading at the dutch forum but i can tell you that, dont be agressive anymore because thats what those moderators and users expect you to do, because when you attack people then they think you will lose crdibility and so does gho.

i saw your FUE posting and i can say i couldnt have explained or said it better myself, you explained it even much more sophisticated then your average FUE A to B guy who really doesnt know anything about his own "technique". keep it that way and destroy them, even if that means you will get banned. i read your comment and it wasnt worth the banning,it was worth a sticky post in the forum and you can see what a low life clinic th pro hair clinic is because they answered after you have been banned. coward liar clinic with uninteresting results.

to the others, here is MY idea, Spencer should interview

gc83uk and gc should only make clear in the interview that he will talk about HIS procedure and not answer qustions like " Why has Gho bla bla bla"

i bet Spencer would never do it, i mean a Joe from Staten Island is easy, but what would happen if Joe would go to ho and get fixed and then try to call Spencer? Spencer would say

"We declined to get Joe on the show because over the years his mental constitution has come to a very worse peak so we had to get him to a shrink"

or something along the lines.

You know Spencer should personally fly this Joe to Gho and get him HST, but after a few weeks a lot of clinics would go crazy.

its so funny that forums and clinics are trying to make baldies agressive and hate each other right now, only because they see that its not one guy anymore who supports Gho, but rather a SHI*LOAD of people (even old posters)

Keep this up and we will get them once and for all

@ironman: keep up the educational way like at haarweb, this makes clinics itchy and is really a thorn in their butt

MikadoMan is located in [NA] and he is available to meet: NO

You wanna get all the answers why none of your "ethical" clinics have adopted Ghos HST hairmuliplication so far?


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30.04.2012, 08:55

@ MikadoMan

And finally we work together

Yeah but we are too aggressive especially about those guys who still hope for a cellular approach to the problem.

I think Ironman you need to put the beef aside with steevie dee, time has gone by. Let it go!


Also I personally think ironman should tone down a bit on histogen/replicel and other "possible" future treatments, I will too.
But that's like asking rassman to accept Gho's regeneration.

I think the main reason spencer would not document a gho patient is one the following:

1. He doesn't wanna be the one who kills the HT industry
2. He is still waiting for something like a nw6 to nw1 but he has accepted regeneration took place.

This is FUE story all over again, what we are trying to do here IS NOT to let this happen again. It took many many years for FUE to be adopted and doctors to copy poor doctor's Woods discovery.

It wasn't until spencer saw how "FUE" was way better on a patient when he decided to promote it.

The only way to speed this process and not make the same mistake as the "STORY of FUE" is for all the bald cats to unite as one and ADMIT that there is something here that is worth their time.

I don't think spencer is as bad as you describe it steevie dee. I mean it looks like it because of his response to Gho.....but who knows if more people ask him to do it maybe he will.

GC83UK could call spencer on his show and that would be the BOMB, because the show is LIVE. Share your experience and that's it !\

I need to leave for a few weeks really. My activity here has to go down.

I'll let it up to you guys while i am away.

moawk is located in GERMANY and he is available to meet: NO

1. Predicted the failure of replicel, months in advance.
2. Predicted how their stock would rise/drop even with exact numbers.
3. Predicted the wild claims and crazyness that gc83uk's donor regeneration will cause among the HT industry during this summer. Including rassman's opinion, Dr. Woods special patients and Pro hair clinic photos.
4. Predicted Gho will open up a clinic in asia.
5. No prediction on Histogen. Looks promising if they didn't fake results.
6. Predicted the only viable HM technique other than Gho would surface when hairs are: "generated through the appropriate cell populations" -Team Tokyo 2012

- Moawk

Advice for patients: If you are considering a hair transplant, only consider Gho's HST and nothing else. First HT treatment in the world that offers: zero scarring, small downtime and donor regrowth.

Advice for Investors in HM: Invest in Team Tokyo.
Ditch replicel, aderans. They are done for and have no future.

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30.04.2012, 12:46

@ moawk

And finally we work together


btw i have something positive to say, after my posting of the PF thing, one guy was so nice to really send me a PM and asked me about Gho and if he is real because he is sick of this whole yes and no and maybe thing.

this made me happy and i didnt just say go to Gho, no i explained it in details what is going on and whats not and that you will need time with HST depending on your NW scale to be fully restored.

I am personally very thankful for guys like this user, who dont give a crap anymore about sour grapes, flame wars, ignorance, they just wanna know whats going on and i felt very honored that despite my "past" somebody asked a normal question in a mature and grown up way.

believe me dear Gho hateing clinics, those guys will become the majority pretty soon and then you have to deal with a full generation of not so easily fooled patients who will bring you down if you didnt choose wisely.

there is a doomsday clock, and there is a doomsday clock for hair transplantation and i say its 2 minutes to midnight for traditional clinics

MikadoMan is located in [NA] and he is available to meet: NO

You wanna get all the answers why none of your "ethical" clinics have adopted Ghos HST hairmuliplication so far?


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