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Itís a failure (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

posted by Hanibal, 02.05.2012, 13:33

3.2% - 4.3% growth increase - thatís nothing.
As far as I remember they had been targeting for moderate 20% . So they must be bitterly disappointed. Obviously they canít tell this in their resume because it would mean suicide for the company.
I almost guarantee that they wonít proceed with second phase because I canít see anyone putting a penny in 3.2 % growth. Plus, even if they do that, subsequent stages of desperate development gonna drag forever until they squeeze out that familiar excuse Ė due to lack of fundsÖ
Basically itís another intercytex story unravelling in front of our eyes.
You canít go from 3.2 % to 50% - 60% numbers, thatís what required in order to be approved by fda.

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