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-Alvi Armani: 2500 grafts, frontal & hairline restoration.
-Hasson & Wong: 1755 grafts with Scalp Micro Pigmentation.
-Hairman2's 2500 grafts FUE at HDC Cyprus.

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-Dr. Umar's UGraft: find out why it is superior.
-Dr. Bisanga 2924 grafts FUE, 8 months.
-Dr. Arvind presentations at ISHRS & AAHRS conference.
-Alvi Armani female hair transplant patient, 1148 grafts FUE.

-Dr. Jones: 6000 grafts FUE megasession, 4 months.

Stop crying we still have an option GOD DAMN (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

posted by cal, 03.05.2012, 20:15

Given that Gho typically doesn't do more than 1.5k grafts a session, initially only 600 when he first offered the procedure, you should be able to understand why the transformation you ask for would take a huge amount of time and money. There are patients with advanced degrees of baldness who are getting HST so we can monitor their results.

I've also seen some pretty amazing transformations NW6 - N2/1 with regular transplants provided you have excellent hair characteristics. So this doesn't really provide proof either. Donor regeneration, high recipient yield, hair not changing characteristics, plus survival of regenerated hairs is all that he needs to provide conclusive, indisputable proof. For me, proving donor regeneration and high recipient yield is a reasonable enough considering no procedure at all offers that.

I would be impressed if Gho came anywhere near matching traditional HTs, let alone beat them.

2004? That is still 8 years ago.

cal is located in [NA] and he is available to meet: NO

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