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The truth about the ICX results. (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

posted by benji, 18.03.2008, 20:18

Id love to agree with that, but I have one problem....

where are the pictures? They said all five men with pre-stimulation had SIGNIFIGANT and VISIBLE regrowth. HT docs put up tons of pictures. HM cant show us even one pic of the best responders treatment area? Not one?

Where are the stats? What percentage did hair growth increase? They want to sell it for as much as possible, so why wouldn't they put that in there. Nobody is going to buy it without seeing it....................I just cant see results being very good if they had a "decent" result but chose to not go into detail about it. Even a decent result would mean someone could get two rounds of treatment and have a chance at a nice result. I think they are only getting "some" regrowth, about like one might get on finasteride, and probably very little in the front.

Bald heads are NOT "TREATMENT AREAS", they are entire bald heads, theoretically one is supposed to be able to shoot up the entire scalp with this stuff and hair grow everywhere. They damn well know their release was very evasive, and I guarantee you they have looked at this website today and note the dissapointment. If I'd seen a good couple of pics, I'd have gotten on the phone and put a few thousand for shares myself..........but not now.

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