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dr. Gho's false advertisement is still online (Gerard Joling before-after) (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

posted by Spanish Dude, 04.08.2011, 17:08
(edited by Spanish Dude on 04.08.2011, 17:37)

dr. Gho's false advertisement is still online (Gerard Joling before-after)

Well guys, its been 1 week since I exposed this false advertisement, and its still online.

I am opening this new thread to simplify the ideas of what has happened as the former thread is a bit confusing:

In the front page of Gho's website (, a picture of Gerard Joling appears,
being transformed from bald to full of hair. And a message says: "We made this possible for Gerard Joling".
Well, it turns out that the "before" picture is, in fact, the after picture, and the "after" picture is, in fact, the before picture.
This is confirmed when we enter deep into Ghos' own website, or, alternatively, when we go to Gerard Joling's website.
The hairy picture was taken just before the procedure, and the bald picture was taken after Joling was shaved and the transplant done.!&start_at=15


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