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Need some insight and advice (Topicals & Shampoos)

posted by samiam, 06.10.2011, 20:53

Ok so I normally don't like to make threads asking people what I should do/get since I know it's very easy to search. But i'm beginning to get EXHAUSTED trying to find a good regimen for me. I've read about everything from propecia-RU-Minox-flutamide-keto-dutasteride to stopping ejaculation-laser therapy. There is so many contradicting opinions and statements on the forums that I don't know what to get, and I've stalled starting any type of treatments because of fear. I would really appreciate if anybody could PLEASE tell me what would be the BEST OVERALL REGIMEN for me to start.

Age: 17

Loss: Norwood 1 steadily becoming Norwood 2
I am just beginning to thin

Diet (idk if it matters): VERY healthy low gi diet, my peers think i'm weird for how healthy I eat.

I've went to my dermo twice, he refuses to prescribe me Propecia. I could very easily get it from inhousepharmacy but I am not so sure I should be taking it just yet. I have a bottle of rogaine laying around, waiting to be used. I want to make sure I have EVERYTHING right before jumping into treatments I'm going to have to continue for the rest of my life.

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