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My Consultation with HASCI on HST (Dr Gho's clinic) (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

posted by Skywalker, The Corridor of Uncertainty, 05.12.2011, 10:30

Because someone can hide and/or repudiate something just for a
certain time - surely not forever, especially in this case.

I agree, there are three main reasons why in my opinion Joe Blow should think the strong probability is that HST is real.

(1) THE SCIENCE: The science looks right, and few $cams get through a peer reviewed document that Dr Gho has - not impossible it's true - but why would you put your $cam through the risk of that ?
(2) PHOTOS: The photographic evidence - not to the level of documentation I would like admittedly - but the photos (contrary to Spanish Dude's fantasies) look right.
(3) TIME: This is the big one, if it's a $cam then all these patients over 5/6 years have been fooled or hushed up, celebrities, short hair - it doesn't matter - apparently Dr Gho with his mild manner and poor sales technique (as I have witnessed) can fool them all ! All the people in the clinics - doctors; nurses; admin staff - they have somehow all been duped or bought off over 5/6 years !

That's why if you believe it is a $cam then you have to say Dr Gho is a genius because no $cam has ever come close to this - so either way you have to admit he's a genius !

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