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you can do the 50-graft test, Skywalker (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

posted by Spanish Dude, 09.12.2011, 19:58

I have an idea for you, Skywalker.
How about making the 50-graft test, but you pay Gho a 500 graft procedure?
Then Gho will have no excuse anymore to reject the test.

I know this is an expensive test for you, but once you are sure that it works on you, you can harvest over and over again until a full head of hair, so the initial cost gets dilluted.
Besides, you have no other option, because your donor its limited, and no other doctor on earth can multiply hair, except Gho (suppossedly).

oh, I know, I know, Skywalker, you will reject my idea for whatever reason.

If you really believe that the donor will regrow back there is no way
will get any white dots on your head.
So please dont write posts saying you really believe it is real but your
not willing to under go the procedure yourself.
What a hyprocrite !!!!

You are an idiot wolfgang, if I could have the trial and evaluate the
result I would, but putting 1,000 holes in the back of your head untried is
foolish if your hair loss is such that the only hair style that doesn't
make you look bad is the extreme buzz cut.

If I put 1,000 holes in the back of my head and there turns out to be white
dot scarring then I am permanently FUBAR'ed - that's a massive risk to take
- have the people in the slow class (which includes you) got it now ?

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