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Astressin-B (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

posted by roger_that, MARYLAND, 12.01.2012, 19:06

Astressin-B has literally nothing to do with MPB. Totally different type of
hair loss.

Very true, KO, but I think the operative theory here is, "So what?"

If all forms of (non-mechanical) human hairloss, including DHT-related AGA, stress induced hairloss, dietary- and metabolic-induced hairloss, etc., funnel down into a "final common pathway", maybe fiddling with the stress hormone agonists/antagonists provides another, completely different, angle to attack the problem.

In other words, maybe the place where Astressin-B works is in the final common pathway, which DHT sensitivity feeds into. Maybe Astressin works metabolically "downstream" of where DHT acts.

If that's true, you could either eliminate DHT, block it, or intervene at any other point downstream in the pathway, including where Astressin works.

Just my view on the theory... I'd be interested in yours.

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