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Why Both? (Hair Transplant)

posted by marco, U.K, 06.02.2012, 17:14

» »Marco,
» Why did you do both strip and FUE?

Hi, I wanted a one stop solution and needed to maximise the numbers. If 6000K had been taken by strip then the tension would have been too much and risked scar stretch. Dr. Rahal took what was safe in his view by strip and he found this to be 5K during the excision process. We had agreed that FUE would be used as a second part of the procedure to remove, without over harvesting, more grafts and this puts no further tension on the closure. These hybrid procedures are not common but they allow the absolute maximum in a single session (ie a couple of close proximity sittings). Interestingly, if the FUE had been done first then there is a risk that when the strip is performed afterwards the redistribution of scalp could result in an over harvested appearance and for this reason I think the order of the procedures was a good call.

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