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Androgen signalling prevents hair cell differentiation (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

posted by jarjarbinx, 07.02.2012, 05:59

Where is there any evidence that the difference between transplanted
growing and not growing is the skin surrounding it? If that were the
wouldn't we now be culturing skin from the back of our heads and
it into our balding scalps to around hair follicles.

Why is it so difficult to understand that the dermal papilla is part of the
skin? It is not a separate entity. Think about that. In balding skin
during miniaturization DP cells migrate out of the hair follicle. Read
Tobin or Jahoda's paper. Unless you think they're "making up their own
science" as well.

Nobody has been (officially) injected with Wnt so how can you even make
such a claim.

Not true. Please catch up, read Fathke's 2006 paper. If you want, rub
lithium on your head, see if you grow hair.

and its inhibition in hair loss. The reason it isn't injected is
some form of Wnt are implicated in the formation of tumours. There are
different varieties of the Wnt protein and not all are tumorigenic.
Nothing has been discarded and if anything researchers are focused on

Overexpression of Wnt is implicated in tumors. They've done many
experiments with mice engineered to overexpress Wnt. But point me to any
experiment they've done that shows exogenous Wnt can grow mature hair
follicles. No such experiment exists. It says so right in the Follica
patent actually.

And yes, the idea that injecting wnt into skin has been discarded. If it
were that easy, I repeat, we would not be bald. We've known about Wnt's
role in hair follicles for 10 years now. Cotsarelis would be a billionaire
if that's all there was. Y

No it hasn't been discarded. Histogen has not discarded it and i don't think that follica has either. You are missing the point that Histogen for sure, and Follica possibly, are also adding other Wnts besides Wnts7a and they are also adding other growh factors. I am not saying that Wnt7a alone will do the job. Let me repeat that because it is not sinking into that thick skull of yours: I am not saying that Wnt7a along will do the job. I am saying that if you combine Wnt7a along with other Wnts and along with other growth factors that will do the job. And histogen has nearly proven that I am correct and you are wrong. You are saying that Wnts have no role in hair growth and the evidence says that you are wrong, wrong, wrong. The thing is that you also have to add other agents along with the Wnts. Do you get it yet?

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This is a READ ONLY forum.
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