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Androgen signalling prevents hair cell differentiation (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

posted by Freddie555, 09.02.2012, 01:18

Why is it so difficult to understand that the dermal papilla is part of the
skin? It is not a separate entity. Think about that. In balding skin
during miniaturization DP cells migrate out of the hair follicle.

Why is it so hard for you to grasp that transplanted hairs do not go bald in bald skin? If the skin had anything to do with baldness, there would be no hair transplants.

DP is not part of the skin, its part of the hair follicle. Balding does not arise due to anything happening in the skin, balding arises as a result of androgens causing the disintegration within the hair follicle.

A gunshot wound does not mean your rib cage is part of your lungs.

Not true. Please catch up, read Fathke's 2006 paper. If you want, rub
lithium on your head, see if you grow hair.

Quote the paper.

Why would I be rubbing lithium into my head when I've already stated my belief that chasing down chemicals to mimic complex biochemistry in the body is a hopeless endevour. You should be scraping your head and rubbing in lithium since you believe in it.

BTW some guys here have tried dermabrasion + lithium glu. and it hasn't done jack.

But point me to any experiment they've done that shows exogenous Wnt can
grow mature hair follicles. No such experiment exists.

I quoted 2 papers up top.

It says so right in the Follica patent actually.

Follica is not the bible on anything. What they have shown is ZERO so far. Lets see some results from them before you quote their patent as if it means anything.

And yes, the idea that injecting wnt into skin has been discarded. If it
were that easy, I repeat, we would not be bald. We've known about Wnt's
role in hair follicles for 10 years now. Cotsarelis would be a billionaire
if that's all there was.

The only thing that has been discarded is your ignorance on the subject.

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