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Androgen signalling prevents hair cell differentiation (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

posted by jarjarbinx, 12.02.2012, 16:59

Which ones are the key ones apart from noggin and follistatin? You
really stated that at all. FYI, wounding does produce KGF, not sure
follsitatin or noggin.

Please prove that wounding produces KGF and VEGF. Please do so with
multiple links rather than just one link because I saw numerous links
indicating that wounding only produces VEGF but not KGF.
So please post multiple links showing that wounding produces both VEGF

You don't seem to grasp that KGF = KEGF.

1. prove that kgf = kegf.

2. Why would it be called both kgf and kegf? Why does one thing have two different names? Please demonstrate that KGF and KEGF are the exact same thing.

3. Please prove that wounding has KGF and KEGF.

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