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Cryotherapy for Angiogenesis (blood vessel formation) Home Experiment (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

posted by Boyinhtown, Houston, TX, 14.02.2012, 01:48

Ahab, do your research before passing a uninformed decision.
The therapy used on patients with cancer is not exactly the same as actualy freezing and cryotherapy. They used cold ice packs to lower the temperature.

I mentioned that to just give you an idea of different approaches being used to stop hairloss.

My point is already proven about angiogenesis because Latiss is a prostaglandin E2 analog and that is responsible for angiogenesis. You are not going to change scientific facts.

And it also has been proven that angiogenesis that occurs due to Latisse/prostaglandin e2 leads to hair growth on the head and eyelash.

But as I mentioned there several pathways for blood vessel formation so to address them together increases hair growth and quality.

Time to stop being so pathetic and brainwashed by the corporate media/pharmacies. You can take propecia all you want but it will not stop your hair loss. It will just destroy your life... so sad.

I suspect the way Cryotherapy is used to prevent hair loss in cancer
patients when getting chemo, is that Cryotherapy lowers the temperature of
hair follicles and constricts capillaries that support the follices,
thereby slowing follicle metabolism and reducing blood flow.

By lowering the metabolism in the hair follicles, it reduces their need for
blood, and by constricting the capillaries, it reduces the amount of blood
that can be fed to the follicles in any case.

Reducing the blood supply would also be reducing the amount of chemo, which
is in the blood, that the follicles would take in, making it less likely
that the chemo will poison any follicles.

If true, Cryotherapy would no help at all for affected with mpb.

I'm very excited on starting a new phase and new treatment approach. I
been searching on how to increase angiogenesis or blood vessel formation
the scalp. VEGF is one thing that increases that and there are several
pathways that are involved in angiogenesis. That includes histidine,
is precursor for histamine that helps in angiogenesis. Also,
like Latisse(bimatoprost) are also involved an increase blood vessel

Now I have been on Latisse again for 7 weeks now, and have taken
before I started and after... and will post them soon, so dont worry.

But at the same time I have been looking at other ways to increase
angiogenesis. I have always wondered why hair loss in men is in a
pattern. Hair at the back and sides always even on very old men, is
there yet they have no hair on the top, crown area and front.

This led me to findout out about skull expansion etc which makes sense to
big degree. It states that DHT is responsible for bone resportion and
remodeling which does not stop just at puberty but continues througout
lifetime. It also states that people with more of a square head shape
a roundshape are more likely to keep their hair because their remodeling
happens in a different way and I can attest to that and have always
how Red indians, south american indians, and people of Alaskan Inuit
descent all have mostly square head shapes and barely ever have I seen
hairloss them.

So one route is to inhibit topical DHT which I will do through topical
estrogen which might help to slow or alter the bone
But at the same time its obvious to me that when my hair loss started at
17, with a very small bald spot right where the hair grows out of at the
crowne, it steadily and slowly over many years expanded to start
my entire crowne area... and than spreading in a circular pattern and
diffuse thinning than to the front too and also back area, but not the
bottom back where of course i have all my hair.... and where there is no
hard skull area.. but more soft its like a progressive
if you will, that spread not rapidly if one thinks about it, but took
several years... so what is missing is the layers of fat and blood
espeically the browne adipose tissue which is " Cold exposure produces
adaptive hyperplasia and growth of brown adipose tissue (BAT), the major
site of non-shivering thermogenesis in rodents, associated with
angiogenesis in this tissue"

as mentioned in that article. From my research I have found it that
cryotherapy is commonly used to initiate angiogenesis! This is something
that can be done at home using different wart freezing sprays/etc that
freezing temps of -10 to -70 degree Celsius. Once the tissue is
at the much lower temperature, blood vessels form around the damaged
and than start spreading and growing into the damaged area and thus new
vessels are formed. This treatment is used for cancer patients who
from alopecia. you can google it and here is a link:

So your brown fat tissue is increaese as one of the websites relating to
skull expansion states is needed to increase normal hair regrowth,
thus that browne adipose tissue is missing or decreaed due to the
of the skull. And if we touch are top hard skull parts and right at the
back/top crowne area, we can feel that there is not much fat there,
compared to the very back or sides. So this all makes sense. If DHT was
soley responsible for our hair loss as most of the corporate zombie
American pharmaceuticals will have us believe, just so we can buy more
their chemical castration Propecia which turns a man into a
with low libido and no self esteem, ya forget that but what I was saying
was --- than we wouldn't have hair anywhere, because DHT actually causes
hair growth and not just all over the body but if you even just take
on the head, why is it that DHT somehow isn't able to affect the hair
south of the horshoe line?? I mean, the same blood supply is flowing
through the entire body so DHT cannot be a very significant cause in
loss. Now DHT helps bone remodeling and resorption and in some people
to genetics and other factors it affects the skull more than some other
races, but the point is it is a problem that can be solved in my opinion.

I am going to attempt doing cryotherapy (freezing) my scalp few areas at
time, starting with the most bald/thinning, which is the crowne. Once
area starts to get revascularized and also browne adipose tissue fat
deposting again, than I am sure my hair will start to grown again like
already does on my head but something hard and big (my top skull area)
blocking my hair from growing as healthy and normally as before.

Curcumin, Resveratorl (decreases angiognesis) and grape seed extracts
all the other crap especially green tea all hurt

all hurt angiogenesis and really are a waste of time! and money! Think
about it.. .it has been decades since people have been taking all this
nonsense yet I have yet to see after sooo many years one real set of
pictures before and after.... wich photos taken every few weeks not just
one photoshopped lame picture... i have yet to see a single time that
of this crap grew hair!!????

So why are we still trying to use these same things in different
They dont work! I know why though and that is because we all have lost
so we are willing to try anything, even if that means try something

Trust me I know, im 28 and it sucks to not have my full head of hair like
did until I was about 23, than the hair loss just became very
It started of course when I was 17.

Now I am sure there some people with round skulls yet have a thick set
hair. But for the most part I have noticed it is guys with the arnold
terminator square head look that mostly keep their hair.

But again the point is more than the shape of the head,,,, is whats
underneath your scalp. If you are missing browne tissue adipose than you
have less vascularization and thus like the slow pattern i mentioned
before... it happens slowly and slowly until no more significant blood
vessels are there for hair to get nutrients.

So the current topical I am using mainly has things to encourage

I am using NO Infuse topical spray which includes l-arginine and other
things such as ATP for increased energy and nitric oxide production,
the lining of your blood vessels release, and which play a key role in
angiogenesis and blood vessel formation.

Also I have thrown in that same bottle,
1. Nanogen VEGF Plant Serum
2. Thymosin Spray by Douglas Labs (for possible thymosin stem cell
3. Melatonin (which has been used to treat alopecia in dog fur, bet you
didn't know that )

4. crushed Vitamin B-12 tablets
5. Rasberry Ketone powder from capsules( for increased IGF-1 production
which basically leads to more skin elasticity and a healthier skin and
other functions. Decreases after age 30 so I figured if it helps with
probably good for hair. There are some studies that indicate that IGF1
not good for hair growth. But I find most state that it does help with
and hair, and not to mention proven for muscle growth. Body builders use
it. Key emphasis on the word 'growth'

6. Also a few vials of bimatoprost(latisse). I use latisse seperately
directly from the little bottle it comes in on my scalp, but I also
it in my Super topical mix that I have also with everything else in it
mentioned above.

So with all this combined I feel like I am giving my scalp the necessary
ingredients to get my hair growing again through of course,

But seperately as I mentioned I will try the cryotherapy in the next few
days once I get paid at the end of the week. It won't cost much to get
stuff. Its available at walgreens and online. Key thing is to get
that goes below just -10 celsius so their is more tissue destruction.
Preferably around -40 to -70 degrees. The key thing is to do small areas
a time and not your entire scalp! I will probably split it into 4 or 5
segments so that it does not hurt too much.

The research I have done indicates that cold temperature leads to
angiogenesis in humans as well as rats/hamsters etc.

I guess that is the body's way of trying to continue providing nutrients
key areas of the body. It makes way more sense, all of this that is to
than the DHT inhibition propecia and body bloatin hurt huring Rogaine
we have been fed for sooo many years.

The stem cells in a bald scalp area are the same as everywher else on

and they proved that they actually are very miniaturized hair follicles
still present in the scalp, but just invisible to the naked eye!

So lets see how this all goes. I will post pictures of my Latisse
(bimatoprost) experiment at the 2 months mark which is in about a week,
just hold on.

I would love to hear what you guys have to say.........and thanks for
reading my very long post, much appreciated !

Boyinhtown is located in HOUSTON, TX and he is available to meet: YES
email to arrange a meeting.

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