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dr. Gho's false advertisement is still online (Gerard Joling before-after) (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

posted by Iron_Man, 17.02.2012, 08:28

» dr. Gho wants you to think that the bald picture is the BEFORE, and the
» hairy picture is the AFTER.

Oh, all of a sudden - the hairy pic is the AFTER pic - interesting.

But are the photos labeled with "Before" and "After" at all? NO!
They are simply NOT labled with "Before" and "After"!

So, what someone is thinking when he is looking at unlabeled photos - hmmm, I don't know what this person is thinking or he believes.

But wrongly and misleading labeling photos, like you do Spanish Dud, and thereby trying to tell others WHAT THEY SHOULD THINK, without knowing what's really wrong or right - WHO is the criminal??

But that not enough - the psychotic internet-user, namely Spanish Dud, calls public the publisher of the photos "charlatan" and "criminal", namely the one who simply didn't lable the photos with "Before" and/or "After". And as long as the publisher doesn't lable them wrong, or don't lable them at all, the viewer can think or believe whatever he is thinking or believes - no idea what. Besides the fact, that a website owner is not obligated to lable his photographic content.

Spanish Dud,
just because you're definitely a psychotic, you think you have the right to call public an international well-known physician and researcher "criminal" and "charlatan" - hidden behind your f ucking computer?? And all this just because you can see a well-known NAME of a Dutch singer superstar including just 2 unlabled of ThOUSANDS other available photos & videos on the internet from this man on a hair transplant clinic's website??

Hey, I'd think the time is overripe for a visit in Spanish Dud's home from at least 2 nice big guys with a nice white straitjacket.

Iron_Man is located in [NA] and he is available to meet: NO

I documented the world’s 1st day-by-day (HST) donor hair regeneration process …

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