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Cryotherapy for Blood Vessel Formation and Hair Regrwoth PICTURES (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

posted by jarjarbinx, 17.02.2012, 13:56

I would suggest that you grow a brain. You are the epitome of peanut
gallery type. Here we have a man, boyintown, trying to find a cure and
mock him. At least he is trying. All you do is hammer your pud and mock
other people who try to do something positive. I have spoken to a
respected doc who claims that cryonic could be helpful so boyintown
be onto something whereas your activities (insulting others for no
and generally acting like a tea-party schmuck) are not helpful to anyone.

All you are accomplishing is to tease someone who is trying to make a
positive difference. Grow a brain.

Im not insulting others for no reason. I was just answering his stupid post
in other topic.
You are doing the same thing that you claiming.
Inform yourself before talk about.

Now you are insulting him again - calling his post "stupid." You're a very rude and mean person who needlessly attack someone without any provocation. And you are the one that is truly stupid because you totally lack social graces and have no sense of justice or else you would not insult someone without any provocation.

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