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Astressin-B (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

posted by TaKeeLa, 18.02.2012, 12:04

I can only imagine how far back ignorant, ranting monkeys have set
legitimate research efforts into this disease with their antics.

No wonder there are hardly any researchers in this field willing to take up
the cause.

These loud mouth fuc| lives because everytime they open their pie holes, they subtract from the
sum total of human knowledge.


I just think that so many people are hysterical and so desperate to find a cure for this thing and how long they have waited for anything of any real help to come along that when something finally does show promise they have such a huge wall up to defend their emotions that instead of staying positive they just start attacking the people that are actually trying to help them. It's sad really.

And now these researchers are wasting their time with getting lawyers trying to defend their careers because so many trolls are attacking their credentials. So, who knows how long these trolls have set back the research. I just hope it passes quickly and these wonderful people can resume their good work.

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