Hair Transplant Post Op Care

instructions for patients who had undergone hair surgery operations at Civas Hair Clinic located at Ugur Mumcu Street,61/6 Gaziosmanpasa (GOP) Cankaya / ANKARA / TURKEY.

Post Operative Care and Instructions from Dr. Ekrem Civas

Different clinic has different care and post op instructions for their patients. It is very important that you follow what your doctor or clinic instructs you to do after the procedure. Do not believe that everything will be fine right after the surgery. It is a big investment, be sure to follow the correct instructions after the surgery so that your grafts will enjoy the biggest yield and survival rate.

Sometimes incorrect post op care will affect or compromise the survival of the grafts. The newly transplanted grafts are similar to a new seed that requires constant attention and proper care before it can develop into a healthy new follicle. The newly transplanted grafts can be particularly vulnerable to external factors that may affect it's growth.

For most patients, you are required to sleep on two pillows to keep your head elevated for at least the first few days after the surgery. You will be provided with pain killers before you leave the clinic, and you can take the pills at your discretion depending how you feel. It is not necessary to take them if you do not want to.

Besides pain killers, your doctor will also prescribe you antibiotics as a precaution against infections after the procedure.

For those who have undergone strip FUT procedures, you will need to return to the clinic the next morning in order to have your bandage removed.

You will also be shown how to take care of initial shampooing and washing. On the second day, you are required to begin washing your hair in the morning and evening as instructed.

It's best not to consume alcohol for at least three days following the procedure and abstain from smoking for at least two weeks. Avoid coming into direct contact with sunlight, you should wear a hat for the first three months.

Most patients will be able to resume daily routine and most day-to-day activities in one or two days after the procedure. Limited and non strenuous exercise routine can begin in the first week. You should avoid strenuous exercise for several weeks following hair restoration procedure, depending hair transplant method and the laxity of your scalp. If possible, it is strongly recommended that you come back to clinic for a one week follow-up visit, but for those who live abroad, this can be handled by phone or video chat.

What To Expect After Your Hair Transplant Procedure

Week 1:
Patients may experience some numbness, bleeding, soreness, tightness of the scalp. Swelling of the forehead, around the eyes and occurs in most patients the first 5 days. Dr Civas uses high quality solution that minimizes swelling by around 50% as compared to other clinics. Scabs that form around the transplanted grafts begin to fall off. Redness will disappear.

Week 2-3
Healing is complete, since grafts are permanently in place. Patients experience shock loss. Transplanted hairs become detached to the follicle and start shedding off. This may confuse some patients but it is normal. The grafts enter a dormant phase.

1 -3 Months
Fine hair begins to grow, because the hairs are trying to push through the scalp when coming out or caught under the skin, patients may experience pimples, in this case, it is advisable that they apply antibiotics cream around the pimples 2 times a day or use the Cleosine T roll on.

4 -6 Months
Most patients have experienced different levels of hair growth. Hairs begin to thicken and lengthen.

7-10 Months
Patients can see 70%-90% results of the hair transplant. They can now style their hair in different ways. Consultation is advised at this point to review the result.

12 months and beyond
Hair is fully grown and it is normal in texture thickness and density.