Dr. Armani Hair Transplantation
is widely acclaimed as one of the world's best in hair restoration.  Few doctors in the world can produce the kind of artistic excellency as Dr. Armani. Hair restoration is very much a science as much as it is art. Combing world class artistry with cutting edge medical breakthrough in hair transplantation, Dr. Armani is able to produce hair transplant results that can rival what nature had given us.

With the adoption of FUE hair transplant technique, Dr. Armani is now able to perform hair transplants using no knife, no scalpel, no stitches and leaves no permanent linear scarring. Minimally invasive and fast healing compared to traditional hair transplant techniques. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. It is the latest and the most advanced in hair restoration nowadays. Each follicle or follicular unit is extracted one at a time with little or no trauma to the donor area.

See for yourself, check out Dr. Armani's patient gallery. Each hair transplant patient is like a model from GQ magazine. Also see the celebrity hair transplant section to find out why some of the biggest names in sports and TV choose Dr. Armani for their hair restoration needs.

Dr. Armani has clinical locations in Beverly Hills and Dubai and Buenos Aires. Consultation centers are available in the following cities worldwide:

Beverly Hills | Dubai | Toronto | New York City | Chicago | Dallas | Miami | Seattle | San Francisco  Montreal | Ottawa | Mexico City | Rio De Janeiro | Lisbon | London | Manchester | Rome | Paris | Berlin | Madrid | Shanghai | Mumbai | Tel Aviv | Tokyo | Seoul | Moscow | Riyadh

To arrange a consultation with Dr. Armani's clinic, email hairsite@aol.com or fill out the form below for a prompt response within 48 hours