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 Facial Hair Transplant
 Eyebrow Transplant
 Hair Transplant Repair

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About Dr. Prabdeep Sohi

While most hair transplant clinics are being run by dermatologists or skilled technicians under franchise name of qualified doctors, Reviva Clinic differentiates itself by performing all the procedures under the direct supervision and guidance of Dr. Sohi, a well respected plastic surgeon in the medical community.

Reviva is one of the first FUE exclusive clinic in India that adheres to high standards of quality control that meet international recognition. Consistency and quality are two elements that exist in every procedure at Reviva Clinic. Since its inception in 2008, Reviva Clinic, has successfully restored the smile and confidence of well over a thousand patients from India and around the world. By virtue of proven results, Reviva Clinic is now one of the most popular and sought after clinics for hair restoration.