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Dr. Suneet Sohi Hair Transplant Delhi, Jaipur
Dr. Suneet Sohi Hair Transplant Delhi, Jaipur

Dr Suneet Soni Hair Transplant Trichophytic Closure

Dr. Suneet Sohi Hair Transplant Trichophytic Closure
Dr. Suneet Sohi Hair Transplant Trichophytic Closure

Dr. Suneet Soni hair transplant trichophytic closure technique is now available in Delhi and Jaipur, India. Trichophytic closure pertains to how the donor site is sutured after FUT strip transplant surgery.

FUT or STRIP Transplant

FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplant. Some medical professionals also call this technique STRIP procedure. This is because it involves removing a strip of skin from the patient’s donor site during the donor harvesting process.

For many decades and up until the invention of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), FUT remained the #1 chosen technique for hair transplantation. Till this date, FUT strip technique is still one of the most widely used protocols in hair transplantation.

There are many advantages to FUT strip technique. First of all, it is a proven technique that is widely adopted by doctors and clinics worldwide. FUT is generally cheaper than FUE, so it has mass appeal as an affordable option for those who are budget conscious. In addition, FUT is a more efficient technique than FUE because FUT can harvest substantially more donor grafts in one sitting. For these reasons, FUT continues to play a major role in hair restoration nowadays.

Unsightly Linear Strip Scar

However, there is one major drawback associated with FUT strip: a visible linear donor scar. Because the doctor performing FUT technique harvests donor follicles by removing a strip of skin in the back of the patient’s head, the procedure always leaves behind an unsightly linear scar that can stretch across the back of the patient’s head. As a result of this undesirable disadvantage of FUT procedures, patients normally have no choice but to wear their hair long in the back in order to hide the linear scar.

See below for an example of typical strip hair transplant scar.

Typical Strip Hair Transpant Linear Scars
Typical Strip Hair Transpant Linear Scars

Trichophytic Closure to the Rescue

Thankfully, with the invention of Trichophytic closure technique, doctors are now able to perform FUT procedure without leaving patients with an unsightly linear scar. Doctors accomplish this by suturing the donor site in such a way that the edge of one flap overlaps the other thus reducing the appearance of seams or formation of a linear scar.

At Dr. Suneet Soni’s hair transplant clinic, this Trichophytic technique is called 4th generation FUT.

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