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Capri Clinic (Hair Transplant)

posted by Tzedaka, 08.08.2012, 09:10

» Thank you for making specific complaints about a specific clinic. (But
» "the tri-state area" does not help narrow down the location on a worldwide
» forum like this.)
» Unfortunately your story is all too familiar to anyone who knows the HT
» industry. I'm tempted to call it "textbook." This is a very unethical
» industry as a whole and a lot more patients come away dissatisfied than
» satisfied. There are some doctors/clinics that focus on delivering the
» best work possible without telling lies to get business but they are in the
» minority.
» To put it bluntly, your chances for recovering the money you've spent are
» pretty tiny. The results of cosmetic surgery are "in the eye of the
» beholder" and can never be guaranteed. Dishonest clinics hide behind this
» principle to justify even the most egregious cases of failed results. The
» clinic you went to probably over-promises to all their patients to get them
» into the chair that first time and turns out dissatisfied patients all day
» long. Lots of guys have fought dishonest clinics for their money back and
» they don't win. The best you are likely to get would be a discount on
» future work by them, which is likely to do you more harm than good.
» From listening to your story, it sounds like you are now basically trapped
» into getting more HT procedures. It's a common problem. You can't undo
» the scar and you can't look good with the work you have, so the only
» direction you can go is forward with more HT work to cover it. The clinic
» that did these first two rounds of butchery on your scalp shouldn't get any
» more of your business but there are better options out there.
» The good news is that you probably didn't get the best possible HT work for
» your condition, which means there is the possibility of getting
» better-quality repair work done by the right clinic. It won't undo the
» damage but you can probably reduce the severity of it. The scar may be
» able to be revised (basically recut and closed more cleanly this time)
» and/or some hairs can be implanted into the scar to reduce the obviousness
» of it. The survival rate of hairs inserted into scar tissue is
» inconsistent but there have been some good results with this.
» You also can also probably still get more HT work into the balding areas.
» Guys with major baldness cannot recover their gorgeous heads of hair they
» once had just because there isn't enough donor hair in relation to the size
» of the area that needs to be covered. But if you can live with recessed
» temple areas in front and somewhat thinned coverage on "bald spot" area in
» back, then the center front hairline & mid-top can usually be covered in a
» natural way that at least frames your face again and gives you enough hair
» density not to look unnatural. I'm sure at this stage of the game you are
» more concerned with looking natural than anything else, even if it's not
» the look you wanted when you got the first HT.
» Finally, there is FUE transplant work. This is a different method of
» removing the donor hair from the back of your head, basically doing it with
» a tiny hole-saw to pull 1-4 hairs at a time. Instead of one huge strip of
» skin, they drill several hundred or a couple thousand tiny holes in the
» back to do it. The upside of this for your case (where you already have a
» big strip-scar) is that you can harvest donor grafts from your head without
» doing more strip removals. And you can pick hairs from other areas of your
» head besides the scar area. This gives the option of using thinner-shafted
» neck hairs to soften your hairline for example. FUE generally allows you
» to get a bit more donor hair in total before your lifetime supply is gone
» Here is what I would look into - see if a top notch clinic can do one more
» big strip surgery, close it better to reduce the size of the scar, and dump
» whatever grafts they get in the process into the balding areas. Give it a
» year to heal up and see how the scar ends up looking. Then go back for
» some more FUE work to improve your balding areas and maybe sprinkle some
» grafts into the scar depending on how it ends up.
» Finding good clinics is a whole other topic. But you can start by learning
» more about the HT process and don't put all your trust in any one single
» source (including this website/forums). Be prepared to travel ANYWHERE it
» takes to get good work - there just aren't enough good clinics to be picky
» about the distance. If you get HT work done then the price of the travel
» should be a small part of it and many clinics even offer travel discounts.
» Good luck. You aren't the first guy to be in this exact position. The is
» light at the end of the tunnel, although it will take a few years and many
» thousands of dollars to get there.

Thanx for taking the time to give so thorough a reply, I appreciate the time and thought it took. I know as you said that unfortunately it's unlikely for me to get my money back as I searched the internet first to see what others might have done in similar situations. The outlook wasn't good unless many are willing to step up and file a class action lawsuit. Other than that I heard virtually nothing of any kind of success in getting ones money back for botched procedures.

I will say how ever that after speaking to a couple of lawyers and searching around a couple of suggestions sounded like they may work. Can't hurt to try in my opinion, worse case scenario I'm no better off than I am now and best case scenario I get a refund. You are correct that there is no industry standard how ever you can according to the lawyers I spoke with create one if you have other surgeons in the field testify on your behalf creating a general standard for the courts approval.

The other alternative's which I was told are more likely to work are suing for false advertisement and or getting arbitration through the Better Business Bureau. The lawyers I spoke to said your more likely to win a case suing for the false advertisement than medical malpractice and have told me they've had a good success rate doing so. Since most doctors lure you in with pictures of their supposed success stories they're creating their own standard that they have to live up to. Also luckily most HT doctors don't add the whole results not typical clause like some other industries do ie:the weight loss industry. So they often fall prey to creating a standard they can't meet and the court can often find in favor of the HT client. Their own sites are often brought in as evidence as they often have pictures of their supposed success with other clients.

I've also been told some have had success with going through the Better Business Bureau again going with a complaint along the lines of false advertisement. This is the recourse I'm trying now and my last resort will be a lawsuit. I personally am of the opinion that these guys get away with this stuff because we let them. We should try every avenue to make sure they don't get away with cheating people out of money, for ourselves and others. Perhaps if more of us took a active role in this regard a industry standard could be made legally binding.

I personally find it sad that people can sue for a million dollars for spilling hot coffee on themselves because their coffee cup didn't say the coffee was hot, but people who are being disfigured have so much trouble. Still I'm of a positive mind and at very least I'm hoping to make the Capri Clinic pay in some way or another even if it's just time and aggravation. Perhaps if enough of us do everything within our power they'll lose money trying to handle all the suits and arbitration due to the loss of their time handling these things even if the client isn't successful.

No matter what I'm hoping at very least to educate potential clients of the Capri Clinic so no one else has to go through what I did. I'm truly hopeful that my writing this at very least saves a couple of people from getting cheated by this clinic. Also in regards to being more specific about the clinic, they are located at 5 Penn Plaza, New York, New York 10009 and have other clinics in North and South New Jersey. Here's their site as well

Tzedaka is located in [NA] and he is available to meet: NO

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