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BIG Question on Cromolyn Sodium not being addressed: Non-Mast Sources of PGD2 (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

posted by roger_that, MARYLAND, 08.12.2012, 18:48
(edited by roger_that on 08.12.2012, 19:10)

First of all I want to say that I just went out and bought my first bottle of NasalCrom (Cromolyn Sodium) for use on my hair. I have been using NC for years, on and off, for my allergies. It completely eliminates my allergies, so I'm confident the stuff has some real potency at what it does -- which is stabilizing the Mast cells and preventing their degranulation. The spray bottle cost me, as usual, $16.99.

Now I want to call everyone's attention to a concern that occurred to me, which nobody seems to be addressing on this forum or -- especially -- on some of the other forums where lots of people are using and discussing Cromolyn Sodium.

I think this is a big point people have overlooked.

People are just assuming that Mast cells are the only major source of PGD2 in the scalps of people with MPB.

To me, there is no reason to make that assumption.

In fact, it is entirely possible that Mast cells are a relatively minor source of PGD2 in the scalps of people with MPB.

In that case, Cromolyn Sodium might not help that much at all.

I am still going to use it, to determine that, however.

People are assuming that everything is essentially the same with respect to "sources of PGD2" in the scalps of normal people as compared with balding people, and I think that's a hasty and uninformed assumption.

Remember that all PGD2 is created by the enzyme called PGD2 Sythase.

To my mind, PGD2 Synthase can theoretically be present and active in almost any cell, not just in Mast cells. (Parenthetically we know that another form of PGD2 Synthase exists in the brain and nervous system -- but that form is not relevant to this discussion.)

All it would take is for the PGD2 Synthase gene to become activated, for a cell to express PGD2 Synthase and start making a lot of PGD2.

We know that Mast cells exist in the skin of people with MPB and people without MPB.

Normally, the function of Mast cells is to produce and excrete chemicals called "cytokines", which include things like histamine, heparin, and PGD2, in response to allergens.

Therefore by inductive reasoning we can conclude that Mast cells have a lot of activated PGD2 Synthase genes and PGD2 Synthase enzyme, cranking out a relatively large amount of PGD2, in comparison with most other skin cells, which don't.

But where does that PGD2 Synthase enzyme come from? Probably in the Mast cells, their DNA expresses the PGD2 Synthase gene a lot -- significantly more than in the neighboring normal skin cells.

In people with MPB, we know that DHT interacts with the androgen receptors and that DHT/Receptor complex then affects the DNA inside the nucleus of skin cells, causing something to happen.

We now suspect that what happens is the creation of a lot of PGD2 Synthase in those cells. The PGD2 Synthase then goes on to create a lot of PGD2.

But there is absolutely no reason I can think of to assume that in people with MPB, that process is restricted to the Mast cells alone. That process could theoretically happen in ANY tissue cell. All you need is DHT exposure and the process would be kicked into effect.

So that means that if PGD2 Synthase is being expressed in non-Mast cells, and PGD2 is being created in those non-Mast cells, then a drug which "stabilizes the Mast cells" won't be able to take care of PGD2 being created in non-Mast cells.

If that is the case (and I don't know that it is, I just know that it is theoretically possible unless someone can explain to me why it actually doesn't happen in fact), then Cromolyn Sodium wouldn't really help us much, because it wouldn't have any effect on PGD2 being created outside of the Mast cells, in MPB affected people.

Does anyone get what I'm trying to say here?

I really hope I am wrong about this. This is just a suspicion, I very well may be wrong, and so I am going to try this experiment anyway.

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