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JUSTIN2RUE's after pix in harsh flourescent office lighting. (Topicals & Shampoos)

posted by tryingtwo, 17.01.2013, 20:07

» » » [image]
» » » [image]
» » » [image]
» » » [image]
» » » [image]
» » »
» » » All of the pix above are of my normally styled,dry hair with "Got 21 B
» » » Glue" Hair Gel. My scalp is positioned apr. eight inches away from
» » » flourescent office overhead lighting. All these pix were shot with my
» » » cellphone on January 22nd 2011. To answer TryingTwo's questions- When
» I
» » » first started losing my hair back in early 2000,my thinning was
» confined
» » to
» » » just the very front hairline. However ,by 2004 my loss was over the
» » entire
» » » front AND vertex of my head. I began using Rogaine in I think February
» » of
» » » 2000 at two times a day. I kept that exact regimen amount until late
» » 2004
» » » when I got so dissapointed from it not working,that I completely
» » » Rogaine for several months. Then,sometime in early 2005,I began to
» » become
» » » so mad that Rogaine didnt work,that I went back on at double the
» normal
» » » dosage almost in spite of my self. lol. Kinda a strange reason,I know.
» I
» » » sorta demanded that Rogaine work for me! lol. I wasnt going to take
» » defeat.
» » » My decision to double up on generic Minox was eased since I knew that
» » » Costco was offering the Kirkland Signature brand at rediculously low
» » bulk
» » » prices! 2005,2006,2007,and 2008 came and went on my new regimen. Those
» » were
» » » the darkest years of my life......... Nothing "seemed" to be working.
» » Its
» » » hard to think of why I didnt stop taking the Minox considering how
» » » depressed I was. Part of me was stubborn,the other part was that I was
» » » definetly afraid that if I were to give up my regimen,I would lose
» even
» » » more hair and be TOTALLY bald within a year. I didnt want that. Its
» » funny,I
» » » was SO depressed that I didnt take it seriously when men and
» » women,family
» » » and strangers alike began making nice comments in regards to my
» "thick"
» » » hair. I completely blew the comments off. Finally around 2009
» » roughly,thats
» » » when I think it hit me. One day it hit me rather swiftly after
» stepping
» » » outa the shower with my hair soak and wet. I looked in the mirror with
» » the
» » » yucky harsh overhead lighting . Even with wet hair,even with bad
» » light,my
» » » hair was......full again. All those people that I thought were just
» » being
» » » polite,I knew then that it ws true. My stubbornness actually worked.
» » Then
» » » from 2009 until the end of 2010,I just kept monitoring how thick my
» hair
» » » had become and whether or not I was having any serious sheds. I was
» also
» » » waiting to see If maybe I was wrong but it was clear,my hair was
» pretty
» » » much back to normal,the way it had been years ago in my twenties(im
» now
» » » 37). I didnt want to come to and post anything on the
» » Forums
» » » until I was DEAD SURE. I didnt want to be posting false info and let
» so
» » » many people down. I had been through my rough share of let-downs by
» » crack
» » » pot's posting bogus success stories and pix here. I hope my
» » recollections
» » » and pictures have aided at least some of you. There is HOPE. Not for
» » » everyone,but at least some!!! All the best guys. Warmest regards,
» » » Justin2rue
» »
» »
» »
» »
» » It's been awhile since this thread was so popular! I tried justin's
» method
» » of using minox 4-5 times a day as soon as he posted it back in december
» of
» » 2010 I believe it was. I want everybody to know that for the first 5
» » months it did not work for me at all. I saw no gains. When I added emu
» » oil to 3 out of 4 daily minox applications, my hair thickness went thru
» the
» » roof. So for those of you who tried this method but it did not work-
» you
» » may want to try emu oil in addition because that definitely did the
» trick
» » for me. Everybody is different so I guess I just needed the extra emu
» kick
» » to power the increase minox applications. 4 times a day can most
» » absolutely work!
» hi justin i was wondering are you using 2ml in mornings and 2ml at night
» and is that the way you started and have you used rogaine foam? and the
» greasy kirkland do you make sure its fully massaged in because when i used
» rogaine it was staying on my scalp like putting vasoline on it and could
» not wait to wash it off also made hair look thinner so i am confused to your success.

Hi Tim, obviously I'm not Justin but I can give you a little help I think. I use minox 4 times a day- 1 application at 7 am, 2nd application (with emu) at 5 pm, 3rd application (with emu) at 9:30 pm and 4th application (with emu) at 2-3 am. I believe the applications need to be spaced out as I'm pretty sure Justin does this also. The idea is to hit the scalp several times a day so we are getting a consistent new dose throughout a 24 hour period. I use only Kirkland, however, if you want to avoid the greasy aspect of Kirkland, apply the minox while the hair is still damp after a shower. Let it dry for a half hour to 45 minutes or as long as possible and then comb through it and your hair should be totally dry. At night I wear a hat because of course emu oil mixed with minox is sort of a mess, wearing a hat eliminates any headache from that. Good luck, I look forward to Justin's reply as well

» your success?

tryingtwo is located in [NA] and he is available to meet: NO

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