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GREY HAIR turning back to BLACK from Iodine, Selenium, Tyrosine and L-Methionine (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

posted by Boyinhtown, Houston, TX, 17.03.2013, 12:36

To TexasHam:

Your bring up a good point about Selenium toxicity.

The biological half life of Selenium according to this researcher

is 100 days. That is about 3 months. I was reading an article where a 75 year old man died within hours of ingesting 10 grams of Selenium. That is 10,000 milligrams.

According to the above link, selenium levels take several weeks to build up in your body, depending upon the size of the daily dose.

I don't take 2000 micrograms EVERY DAY. There are gaps.

Now this link:
shows that more than 200 patients who took a supplement of Selenium at median dosages of 41,000 + micrograms or 41 grams out those only 1 person was hospitalized.

This supplement was very concentrated obviously and more than what is needed.
These patients developed certain toxicity signs.
This link states how just 1.3 grams/day after a few weeks resulted in selenium toxicity.

Several days I am taking just 400-800 micrograms. I alternate. I also like to go few days without any supplements. Everything in moderation.

Now when I mentioned the higher dosages of 2000-4000 micrograms, it is not something I recommend for months on.. I never said that. I agree with you that Selenium toxicity can quickly be brought on as compared to other minerals for example.

To rebuild your reserves yes, you can take 1000+ micrograms/day. Than after 2 or 3 weeks you can start taking a maintenance dose of 200-400 micrograms.

And if you fall sick with HIV or any other virus, it is preferred to increase your daily Selenium intake to at least 1000 micrograms due to the simple fact that viruses eat or use Selenium and Vitamin C and other nutrients, thus leaving less for your body. The body's major anti oxidant : glutathione is built from Selenium as well as 3 other amino acids.

So moderation is key.

Glad you pointed out that Selenium at high dosages can be toxic to your health.

And as far as my hair turning black again... well it took a few weeks but the major reason for it is that my thyroid and other body tissues that were starved of Iodine got what they needed. Iodine is what the Thyroid uses to make T4, which has 4 atoms of Iodine. Thyroid hormones such as T4 and T3 are 'prohormone' meaning they encourage hormone production. Iodine also helps beat insulin resistance which is a leading cause of hair loss.

Couple Iodine with Selenium, Tyrosine (which helps produce melanin and attached to Iodine to form thyroxidne or T4 )and L-Methionone which helps reduce hydrogen peroxide in the body (hydrogen peroxide cauess oxidative stress to hair) than yes you regain pigmentation. They did a whole research paper on L-Methionone and how it reverses grey hair. Google It.

If you decrease the oxidative stress load on your scalp and body as a whole, only than can you reverse your hair loss and grey hair. And the receptors I talked about earlier are not your typical androgen receptors or somethign else that has been mentioned already. These receptors play a critical role in hair growth itself. When they become over stimulated by several factors than they become desensitized and thus you see the horshoe pattern hair loss on men and in women it is sparsely spread out since their receptors are in that spread out shape. Men have it more concentrated.

Again, I will not release that information just yet. People that think there is a magical solution or injection to hair loss don't understand that the reason for hair loss is the body is not functioning correctly. Its hormones and receptors are malfunctioning. Many people have congenital hyperplasia which is basically incorrect hormone production. A shot of wnt or other things will not cure hair loss. There is only one way to fix the hair loss on the scalp, legs and other places and that is to resensitize the receptors that I spoke of. Those receptors require a certain hormone to resensitize. I will leave it at that.

Boyinhtown is located in HOUSTON, TX and he is available to meet: YES
email to arrange a meeting.

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