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Hairsite, The Thing should post the link to my text that he posted.. (Admin Issues)

posted by jarjarbinx, 09.06.2013, 21:46

* You are challenging me for certain.

* I've said Hairman starts the jabbing between he and I and you have called me a liar. I'm asking you to prove it.

* You have given quotes from various posts but those quotes do not show whether or not Hairman attacked me first.

* Again, please post a link, one link, to a post and I will research it to prove that Hairman jabbed me first.

* Why don't you have to prove anything The Thing? You have made an allegation that I'm starting trouble so I'm saying that you should have to prove that. There is only one way to get to the bottom of your allegation and that's by you posting a link, one link, to a post where you claim I started jabbing Hairman first and I will research it to prove that Hairman jabbed me first.

*Hairsite, please do not listen to The Thing. He will not prove his allegations. I've offered to show him that he's wrong but he won't work with me on it because he just wants to make allegations without backing them up.

* Now I really have something I must do so I will be gone for awhile.

My god.. Jar jar..


I don't have to prove anything. I started this thread to get a admin to look over the threads and stop this childish behaviour He said something mean so I'm going to say something back..

This is a childish attitude and I'm not going to waste my time on this further as I'm only going down to that level.

The thread I quoted from is on the forums and easy to find. Just have a look.

Again this thread was opened to get hairsite admins attention.. Not to have a discussion with you.
It's not just you it's both of you..

Again.. HAIRSITE please review the threads. Thank you.

Originally Posted by jarjarbinx

* Hairsite, it has long been my contention that my jabs at Hairman are merely responses after Hairman attacks me first. The Thing is challenging me on that issue. So let's find out who's right and who's wrong.

* The Thing should prove his allegation.

* The Thing posted text by me wherein I was jabbing Hairman and it's my contention that Hairman must have attacked me first or else I would not have made that jab at Hairman.

* The Thing should post the link so we can see if there was a post by Hairman jabbing me prior to me making that post jabbing Hairman.

* The Thing please post the link to the post by me that you have copied and pasted here in this thread.

Originally Posted by TheThing

jarjarbinx is located in [NA] and he is available to meet: NO

Complete thread:

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