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What I've learned in 15+ years of using a hair replacement system (Hair Replacement Systems)

posted by Ahab, 07.06.2015, 07:56

The last thing I worried about was the piece coming off.

The point of my earlier post is that the activities I mentioned will either quickly damage or even destroy the hairpiece--or mess up the hairpiece to such a degree that you will look like a fool.

For example, I tried wearing one under a helmet while playing sports. When I removed the helmet, the heat and humidity had given my hairpiece the shape of a chess piece.

On another occasion while being active, the hair stuck out in all directions making me look like I had just had my finger in an electric socket, and I didn't realize it until someone pointed it out to me.

when I first got my hairpieces (I got two because it's wise to have more than one as a spare), I took one and tested it out by being moderately active. I utterly destroyed it in one weekend, and I wasn't even trying that hard.

When you see people wearing an awful looking hairpiece, it's not necessarily because they have bad taste. It could be because they had recently been active in it, which messed it up and or rendered it wet with rain, snow, sweat, or what have you. And also because over time a hairpiece gets more and more ratty looking.

If you thought I was worried about the piece coming off, then I wonder if you don't realize that you might be one of those guy's walking around looking like a fool, too, because the piece is not fresh from the salon. Or maybe you're just a couch potato.

I will say that before I destroyed it--and after I practiced grooming it for a week before leaving the house (being made of real hair, the piece actually began to look more natural the more I wore it inside my house; I guess the heat and humidity from my body eventually caused it to conform to the shape of my head, making it look incredibly natural, which is something synthetic hair won't do, BTW)--that I never looked better in my life. And while wearing it I walked into a store and had a beautiful sales clerk come on to me. I was in my late twenties at the time, and that was the first time something like that had happened to me since I went bald, I dated her for several years.

My hairpiece experiment lasted until I could find a transplant doctor, which took a couple months (back ten there was no internet to do research, it was by word of mouth and family physician recommendations). The transplants turned out to have many of the same problems as the wig, but without looking as good. However, the fact that it was my own hair made it a little less embarrassing, but not by much.

Originally Posted by Con Seannery

You've either haven't worn hair recently or you weren't doing it right.
Are you talking about an actual, old-fashioned "wig", like women used to wear? Because men don't usually wear those, and I think even women's wigs have improved lately.

I've done lots of this stuff while wearing a hairpiece (front unit, then later a top unit).
Swimming, camping, traveling, hiking, sailing, in the shower, with a woman, etc. etc. etc.
Not a problem.

If you can't do these things while wearing hair, you are honestly not doing it right.

Just make sure your hairpiece is of good quality, is properly fitted and applied, and is securely attached. Loose adhesive does cause a problem in some of these situations, but this situation is easy to avoid. I wear a polyurethane "skin" base, which is very durable, easy to take care of, and sticks to my head easily. If I'm going to be swimming, participating in contact sports, or going out of town for a week, I use a special heavy-duty waterproof adhesive that stays attached for about a week. I've learned that it seeps and gets messy if you put it near the hairline and edges, so I don't put it that close to the edges. I use a weaker, dab-on stick of adhesive near the edges, which sticks for a day or two and is not messy. That way, the more powerful adhesive holds the toupee onto my head for about a week, and only minor, easily performed touch-ups to the hairline are necessary every couple of days. If you're going to be doing something where your head will sweat a lot and something will be pushing against it (e.g. wearing a helmet), you're also better off using the heavy-duty waterproof adhesive, but it can be done.

I did have some problems with monofilament bases though where the adhesive would seep up into the hair and make it stringy-looking.
I don't wear those anymore.

If you feel like you would "look like a jerk" while you're under your car or working in a wood shop, then you have some personal issues about wearing hair that don't necessarily apply to everyone else (seeing as nobody is necessarily even going to see you in those places).

And I will agree with the guy who said that baldness is more of an initial turn off and doesn't matter as much afterwards. I've had girlfriends who didn't know I was bald until much later on, at which point they didn't care that much about it because they already liked me.

» » I've been using a hair replacement system for over 15 years and after
» many
» » years of reading and learning from this site, I have learned immensely
» from
» » many of the users that have taken the time to post. 
» Been there.
» Done that.
» Imagine doing everything you do or ever wanted to do, but doing it while
» wearing a very expensive suit--and trying not to wrinkle or ruin or soil
» the suit while doing those things. Same when you're wearing a hairpiece.
» Can you wear a wig and not look like a jerk when you're camping?
» Can you wear a wig and not look like a jerk when you're hunting?
» When you're fishing?
» When you're sailing?
» When you're swimming or scuba diving?
» When you're mountain climbing?
» During martial arts training?
» When you're playing football, baseball, basketball, etc?
» In a street fight?
» In the shower, by yourself or with a woman?
» In the wind and rain and snow and sand and dust?
» When doing farm or yard work (think dust, sprays, cobwebs, falling leaves,
» insects, tick inspections)?
» When hiking through forests, brush, trees, or when canoeing or kayaking
» (again, think dust, spray, cobwebs, falling leaves, insects, tick
» inspections)?
» When rock climbing?
» When riding and grooming horses?
» Can you walk with your girl in a light rain or snow without hiding under an
» umbrella or rain hat?
» Can you wear a wig under a helmet, especially when you get nice and sweaty
» under that helmet?
» Can you get down and wrestle with a dog while wearing a wig?
» Can you play with little kids while wearing a wig (for example, water
» pistol fight)?
» Can you have a snowball fight while wearing a wig?
» Can you sleep while wearing a wig?
» Can you work on your car or do woodworking/carpentry/fence mending/home
» repairs or even house cleaning while wearing a wig?
» I can keep going on and on . . .
» If you shouldn't--or if it's a hassle--to wear a wig under the above
» conditions,
» Then when do you get to wear the thing??????

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