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News on Follica (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

posted by roger_that, MARYLAND, 23.04.2016, 14:37

Originally Posted by Aran Linvail

It's pretty interesting news. It looks like their Lithium Gluconate 8% Phase 2 Clinical Trials in Germany in 2010 must have failed. I do wonder if they proceed, which compound they will use.

I thought it was well-known that their trials in Germany with Lithium had failed.

Honestly, I think Follica is flogging a "technology" that is both immature and obsolete at the same time.

When Dr. Cotsarelis wrote his paper about wounding tissue promoting hair growth, he immediately set out to "monetize" the idea before it was fleshed out and developed into a working technology. He sold the idea to Follica, then Follica patented it. But what did they really patent? All they patented was the concept of wounding tissue PLUS adding some "unknown", as yet untested compound -- Lithium, Zinc, plus a long, long list of other candidates -- none of which were conclusively proven to work with wounding to reliably produce hair.

The only problem now is that the research has moved beyond this. Now researchers are able to grow induce pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), enhance DP cell trichogenicity via genetics and culturing techniques, and isolate key growth factors secreted by hair follicle stem cells and progenitor cells.

With all of the above advances (which are admittedly still being worked on), who needs wounding tissue now? Remember, the only advantage of wounding is that it releases certain growth factors which work with HF stem cells and DP cells to activate the follicle. Well, if all those things can be done independently now, why is wounding still needed?

The other problem with wounding tissue is that, although it may have short-term effects of releasing growth factors, the LONG TERM effects of wounding are harmful to hair follicles. For wounding to be a real cure, it has to be done repetitively on the scalp (one session of wounding will not cure you for life). But the more you wound the scalp tissue, the more you will disrupt and damage existing follicles and create scar tissue.

I think Follica is "stuck" with a bad idea, and now they feel they have to make good on it, because so many investors have given them money. So they're kind of desperate, looking for that "magic compound" that, together with wounding, will make them rich and famous.

But, it's been what -- over 10 YEARS -- yes, Follica has been around flogging this same idea for over ten years (it was founded in 2005) -- and they still haven't found it and begun serious clinical trials yet???

As for the "2018" announcement in the PureTech prospectus -- if Follica had indeed discovered its magic compound, which, together with wounding, will grow lots of hair, THEY WOULD HAVE PUBLICLY ANNOUNCED THIS BY NOW.

I think that date is just kind of a stalling tactic to keep investors at bay. What they really mean is that they have not yet found this compound, and they're using "2018" as a "soft date" by which they HOPE to have found it.

The job announcement for VP of clinical development is just Follica casting its fishing pole into the water to see if some genius will show up to discover their magic compound and save the day.

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