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News on Follica (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

posted by roger_that, MARYLAND, 28.05.2016, 15:52

OK, I understand, but I think you and many other people have magnified the potential of wounding far beyond what it really deserves. Here's why I think that has happened:

People give selective attention to things that seem "new" and "different". All of us have seen an endless stream of chemicals, topicals, lotions, solutions, drugs, and research into molecules that could be dissolved and injected into the scalp... and time and time again, we've been disappointed by these things. They include everything from pharmaceuticals that have been FDA approved and on the market for a long time (Minoxidil/Rogaine, and Finasteride), along with snake oil cures, home-brew mixes, hybrid mixes of legal snake oils and home-concocted regimens (palmetto oil, zinc, copper, allergy medications, antifungals, cayenne pepper, tapioca pudding, dog manure, etc.)... and time and again, these things may grow some hair here or there, but they never produce consistent, spectacular results. Cosmetically impressive hair growth -- with all these products -- legal and illegal, FDA-approved and unapproved, black market and readily available -- is ALWAYS both rare and anecdotal.

I think that has caused a lot of people to have an inherent bias against drugs, chemicals and topicals -- and they're RIGHT.

I should note, though, when you hold up wounding against everything else, and say only wounding has shown miraculous hair growth of terminal follicles sprouting out of nowhere -- that is just not true at all.

Many of the treatments I listed above, and many more, have shown anecdotal results of pretty amazing hair growth. Think of:

1) Kevin Nguyen, who posted on YouTube and came here to HairSite a few years ago and showed amazing results, going from practically a Norwood 4-5 all the way back to Norwood 0, from just using a combination of Rogaine and a few other things. I totally believe his story -- it is spectacularly impressive. The problem is, and what is not sinking in for a lot of people, is that hair regrowth is incredibly idiosyncratic. Kevin Nguyen is the outlier of outliers. What works in a few outliers will not work in the vast, vast majority of people -- and that includes wounding.

2) All the thousands of people who have actually restored significant amounts of hair using only Rogaine, or only Finasteride or Dutasteride, or other anti-androgens (look at the story Jarjarbinx has told often here, about how he regrew almost all of his own hair about 10+ years ago using a certain high-potency (but unapproved) anti-androgen he purchased on the internet -- RU 5886 (or whatever). And then he lost all that hair again, because he was no longer able to purchase a reliable supply of the agent.

The fact is, these anecdotal stories happen ALL THE TIME (relatively speaking) with many drugs and chemicals, because everyone's physiology is different, everyone's follicles are a little bit different, and everyone's hair loss is a little bit different. There are ALWAYS outliers who get amazing results. But the reason people don't go apesh*t about any of this is we all know that people respond differently and most people don't get spectacular results. We already know this has been reported thousands of times throughout the news media and the scientific press, so we don't latch on to any of these products and get obsessed over them.

SO, when something that seems truly new and "different" comes along -- like wounding -- many people can display selective attention. They believe what they want to believe -- that because a treatment or idea is qualitatively "different" from everything else -- mechanical stimulation and perturbation of the SKIN instead of just slathering on another chemical or popping another pill -- they get fixated on the novelty of it.

It's actually a psychological reaction at work here. Something that seems "new and shiny" to us provokes a subconcious bias in favor of it -- it's the novelty effect. We have selective attention for what seems really new and different.

The problem is, wounding -- at the cellular and biochemical level -- is really no different at all from adding a topical or injecting a bunch of chemicals and growth factors like Histogen's HSC. NO DIFFERENT AT ALL, because what the f*dk do you think wounding actually does in the skin? What it does is stimulate the cells to release -- THE EXACT SAME LIST OF GROWTH FACTORS YOU GET FROM SOMETHING LIKE HISTOGEN'S HSC.

So wounding is, at the cellular and biochemical level, NO DIFFERENT FROM ADDING OR INJECTING CHEMICALS TO THE SKIN. It's the same exact g^dddam thing as Histogen does.

Let me put that in as clear terms as possible:


And I don't mean, by that, something like "wounding is just as good as adding chemicals". I literally mean, wounding is the exact same thing, physiologically, as putting chemicals into your skin. Wounding is growth factors. Wounding is chemicals.

Nothing wrong with that, of course -- but don't expect it to have any different qualitative or quantitative effects on hair growth.

And Histogen actually does it more reliably, because with Histogen you know exactly how much of each chemical and growth factor you're adding. With wounding, it's a crapshoot because everyone responds differently to the wounding. There are some individuals -- and some follicles -- that are way up at the "terrific responder" end of the graph, and they respond really well -- but they're also a tiny minority, and always will be.

I'm just saying, I'm sick and tired of the selective attention and novelty effect that this "wounding" thing has triggered. It doesn't deserve any of it. It's just an idea, with very slim real world results to back it up, and the research has already superseded it.

roger_that is located in MARYLAND and he is available to meet: YES
email to arrange a meeting.

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