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I only saw 1 dose. (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

posted by James Bond, 06.08.2016, 17:52
(edited by James Bond on 06.08.2016, 18:11)

I think it means that if you include 7 of the 10 subjects the average regrowth was 10% but if you include 10 of 10 subjects the average regrowth is 5%.

Originally Posted by roger_that

What do the 14.2% and 11.8% mean, then?

7 in 10 subjects had an average 14.2% increase in density and a minimum of 10% increase in density. 10 of 10 subjects had an average increase in density of 11.8% and a minimum increase of density of 5%. Keep in mind, the 10 subjects only represent 63% of all subjects.

Also, as far as the 14.5% increase in terminal hairs (in the patient shown) not being a good result. I will easily pay $1000 per procedure for a 14.5% increase in terminal hairs. Especially considering future treatments will target follicles that were dormant in the prior treatments. In fact, it's possible the second treatment actually works better, because the first treatment caused some vellus hair to increase their anagen phase. So the subsequent treatment targets the typical short cycle vellus follicles and the additional 5 to 10 percent that were slightly affected by the prior treatment. IOW, until we see futher studies, it remains possible a good responder could get a 30% increase in terminal hairs from only two treatments.

It would be important to be on hair growth drugs prior to treatment in order to maximize the growth phase of as many follicles as possible in order for them to uptake cells, which would immunize them from future baldness. After all follicles were immunized (via multiple treatments), theoretically speaking, one could stop taking the hair growth drugs for life.

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