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treating hairloss from fat cells (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

posted by roger_that, MARYLAND, 29.09.2016, 02:19

Originally Posted by cal

AFAIK no amount of androgen suppression & blocking will do anything of the sort on humans. Not to a significant degree like this.

AFAIK, that's actually not true. Broad-spectrum anti-androgens that fully suppress all androgens have been shown to often (but not necessarily always) result in reversal of MPB. (Think of jarjarbinx's story using RU, and many other people using that drug or similar drugs.)

The side-effects of these drugs may be unacceptable to the point of being devastating, but they often do work and do reverse MPB. Certainly not always, but enough for the phenomenon to not be considered trivial or anecdotal.

I think that cases where it doesn't work might be in people with very prolonged hair loss which has maybe turned fibrotic or destroyed the actual follicles -- which all things considered, may be just a subset of all people with MPB.

As far as a "requirement" to have a female hormonal profile with Estrogens present, I don't think that's true at all.

Also, remember that the mouse experiment that you cited involved the transplantation of just one or a small number of follicles into one mouse. It wasn't a study involving a huge number of subjects. So the results could have been idiosyncratic. They showed it's possible, but they didn't show it would always happen.

Also remember, there is A HUGE AMOUNT of idiosyncraticity in biological systems. There's almost no experiment you can do that will come out the same way 100% of the time in every member of a species. So, just because some miniaturized human follicles grew larger when transplanted into one mouse, doesn't mean the same thing will always happen with every MPB follicle transplanted.

I'm just saying the simplest explanation should be tested, and ruled out, always, before moving on to more complex explanations, or before assuming that the answer must be some complex, unknown and mysterious factor that's always hiding around the corner somewhere.

To me, it could just be that when you take DHT-sensitive MPB follicles outside of the DHT-filled environment, and grow them in an environment with zero DHT and zero Testosterone, the simplest explanation for what happened, given what we currently know about the science, is that they enlarged because they were removed from the environment containing human androgens. The murine tissue simply provided an alternative viable, living environment with a blood supply, etc.

This also assumes another thing, which is not hard to assume:

The transplanted follicles hadn't been totally destroyed and rendered useless by the MPB. From what I know of the science, that possibly can happen, but in most cases, even when they've been miniaturized and there's visible MPB, it is not the case.

I don't think this is an unreasonable explanation. Why do we always want to believe the explanation for everything connected with MPB is some hidden, mysterious spectre that's eternally hiding behind a corner? I think that's a species of "magical thinking".

There's more research being done now than ever before. There's more GOOD research being done now than ever before.

I agree with you that most of these companies like Kerastem with their flameout ideas touted as "cures" in the tabloid media one week, and forgotten about weeks later, are just in it to cash in on some weak "product", but that doesn't describe all the researchers and all the research, so you have to be very careful lumping them all together like that.

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