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Topical dutasteride (Topicals & Shampoos)

posted by Bryan, 19.12.2007, 05:45

» I have the feeling that the basical principle of a chemical reaction
» escapes some of us here. I am no biologist but here's how I understand the
» problem. First of all, synthesization of DHT is probably constant
» throughout the day and throughout life though it follows some peak pattern
» as does any hormone production. The second point is that hormones abide to
» a general balance which is controlled by the pituitary gland through the
» feedback this gland receives in relation with the actual levels of the
» hormones involved. And the problem with DHT inhibitors is that they
» disrupt this natural balance (which with us, hairloss sufferers, creates a
» natural DHT upregulation and therefore a natural hairloss).

You can't possibly have a DHT "upregulation" as long as you keep using a 5a-reductase inhibitor! :-) What you probably meant to say is that the brain's response to 5a-reductase inhibition is to upregulate testosterone production by way of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis. DHT stays low, but testosterone increases a bit as a response to the lower overall androgenic stimulation.

» Last
» and most of all, we must not forget that once a molecule of fin or dut
» binds to a molecule of 5ar reductase, this fin or dut molecule is rendered
» USELESS to neutralize any other 5ar molecule. That's why this problem of
» "fin or dut hanging around" is probably pointless.

Why on earth would anybody think that an active fin or dut molecule would "hang around" in a tissue?? :-)

» The only problem is the
» supply rate of dht inibitors for them to be able to counter on a molecular
» basis (and according to the molecular coefficients the theoretical
» reaction involves) the relentless and natural production of this damned
» 5ar reductase. And the problem is, again, all the more difficult to tackle
» as the disruption of a chemical balance can have any kind of fallout. One
» of these possible consequences seems to be in many cases an accelerated
» rate of the production of 5ar reductase (since our system does not
» understand why the usual amount has suddenly dropped)

That seems unlikely in the case of 5a-reductase, because I can show you a study in which RNA levels of 5a-reductase were measured in vitro in human scalp hair follicles, in response to androgenic stimulation. They found that giving testosterone to the hair follicle cultures actually stimulated them to produce MORE 5a-reductase RNA, which is the opposite of what you're suggesting.

» ...or the creation of
» new androgenic receptors locally. Hence the apparent
» loss of efficiency of these drugs after some years.

I think any such upregulations or downregulations as a result of antiandrogens or 5a-reductase inhibitors happen MUCH sooner than a matter of years. I think they start to happen immediately, and are probably complete within days or certainly weeks.


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This is a READ ONLY forum.
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