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Astressin-B (Hair Multiplication & Stem Cells Treatment)

posted by roger_that, MARYLAND, 15.01.2012, 20:28
(edited by roger_that on 15.01.2012, 20:49)

I have posted the link to the trials page many times on this site, directly
in response to your posts. Please use the search fxn.

I'm looking for updated information; if the website isn't working now, I can't get that even if I use HairSite search to find your old posts.

I'm not that impressed with a company that's experimenting with a plethora of different chemical "cocktails" anyway.

Anybody can just throw a bunch of sh*t together in a bottle, Lithium and growth factors and stuff and then swab it on people's heads. Just another random mixture of crap... 2 out of 15 patients grew hair in one of their experiments. That's 13 out of 15 who grew nothing. Capeesh? ;)

I don't know what it is about Follica that causes so many people to be spellbound with anticipation. (Actually I've come to the conclusion it's some subliminal combination of the name, "Follica" -- which is so evocative and enticing, and Daphne Zohar, who many probably find sexy.)

To me they seem just like 21st century snakeoil salesmen, a bit more sophisticated because they have some indeterminate input from Dr. Cotsarelis, but at the end of the day, it's still just a fairly random chemical cocktail, a shot in the dark.

It's like they keep throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks.

The chances of a "kitchen sink" chemical cocktail, even a very "educated" one, growing substantial hair will always be small. Sure, there's an outside chance, but it'll always be a small chance. The reason is that the growth and cycling of the human hair follicle is far, far more complicated than any of these companies can describe in a little abstract of one or two experiments.

The interrelations, pathways and biochemical feedback loops between all of these hormones, growth factors, receptors, enzymes, proteins, etc. is so complicated that any one of these "cocktails" will likely only address 15 or 20% of the entire picture, MAX. What about the rest? While they're activating one or two parts of the picture, what about all the other parts? And the truth is that you pretty much have to have ALL of the parts of the cycle activated in perfect order and perfect proportion, with perfect outside conditions, for involuted vellus hairs to be regenerated into cosmetically valuable terminal hairs in sufficient numbers to make a real phenotypic difference. Leave out any part of the whole and you're likely to be stuck pretty much at square 1, or very close to it.

On the flip-side, you have the little problem that every time you add another chemical to the mix, you increase the potential for negative (and possibly quite dangerous) side effects. And that's compounded still further by potential for drug interactions between the different parts of the mix.

Look, I don't want to sound like the eternal, bitter cynic or party pooper here. You get me wrong on that -- I'm not cynical, and I think there's a huge potential for a cure with live cell therapy (Replicel, Aderans) or tissue engineering (Lauster and the rest)... also, follicle splitting and stem cell manipulation as Gho is doing. In fact, judging by people's posts and the amount of cynicism here (with people threatening suicide every few weeks) I'm probably much more optimistic than many of the rest of the crew here when it comes to the potential for a cell-based cure.

But this "chemical cocktail" stuff is getting to be a tiresome farce. It just bespeaks a bunch of desperate companies, particularly Follica, barking up the wrong tree.

I have to admit though, the latest 3-month photo from Histogen looks quite promising, but remember, that is the ONE photo they decided to release, probably out of HUNDREDS that are substantially worse. By definition that photo would have to be their best result ever.

roger_that is located in MARYLAND and he is available to meet: YES
email to arrange a meeting.

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