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19.08.2009, 22:19

Dutasteride Hair Loss Reference (Drugs & Medications)

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Dutasteride testimonials from the archives

Genuine and Low Cost Generic Dutasteride - price match guarantee

Genuine and Low Cost Geneeric Propecia - price match guarantee

The following includes summary for SIDE EFFECTS, POSITIVE RESULTS, NEGATIVE RESULTS and more since Dec 25th, 2002.


1) Tom M & Nick - face and beard very dry

2) Vanderloo1978 - reduction in body and facial hair in 7 days

3) Multiple testimonials - Kimutaku: slight hangover like headaches / Armand: headaches for the past 3 wks / Chia Pet: pressure all over my scalp / Demarco: never had headaches till now / JeffT: felt like a sinus headache / Skeletor: headache on the 6th day

4) NEONFX: Beard growth slowed down after 25 days

5) Multiple testimonials - Spanky: trouble sleeping + mood swings / Ciano: trouble sleeping, aggression / JeffT: better mood but more aggressive / Corn Row Head: bad mood swings + headache / Dude: wavering headache / Armand: headache / ButtGaser: trouble sleeping but more alert /

6) DJ: increased libido, gas, dizzy

7) Mick: reduction in scalp itchiness and oiliness

8) AJ: scalp itch completely disappeared

9) JeffT: face dryer, increase in sex drive

10) Tony: irregular bowel movement

11) Mick: burning sensation on scalp, feel like hair being pulled / Glutton For Duta: same feeling on scalp

12) AJ: already started getting some gyno,

13) Yuck: bad stomach cramps, trouble sleeing,

14) f/s/p: worst headache in years

15) neofnx: 35 days, better libido

16) Jason + Homer: mood swings, cranky,


1) Tom M - face + beard extremely dry

2) McHale - hair with more body + texture

1) Nick - no more shedding

2) Chris - small dark hairs now visible in place of vellous hairs

3) Multiple testimonials reporting good results from Anon, Qman, Bonito, Jeremy, Robot Java, Alecbaldone

4) AS - Temples starting to fill in after 3 weeks

5) Multiple testimonials: WSJ: Can't believe how thick hair gets after 4 wks / Chris: amazing success in just 2 wks / Chia Pet: bare temples now filled with tiny hairs / McHale: better texture and body after 4 wks / Chris: seems to start working right away

6) Anon: daily fallout a lot less

7) Thorns: almost no hair loss after 5 weeks

8) Payton: got his hairline back in 15 days ?

9) Comma: many new small hairs after 4 weeks

10) Royce: topical dutasteride, huge shed followed by thickening of hairline

11) Jeff: new dark hair growth on temples after 20 days

12) JeffT: "Holy Smokes" , just over 3 weeks / Chia: same fast results /

13) Ruudboy: regrowth on left temple

14) Knucklehead - vellous hairs maturing

15) NW2: 1 month results, definite new hair growth, hair feels amazing

16) New Guy: 3 weeks, undeniable results

17) Jeremy: 4 weeks, terminal looking hairs coming out, hair loss definitely stopped

18) Kuch: 2 weeks, hair continues to thin but half of what it used to

19) Andrew: 5 weeks, lots of vellous hairs on left temple

20) STL dude: 6 weeks, thin vellous hairs evolving into something

21) Thorns: Avodart + HGH = "My hair is back"

22) Bald Mofo: 2 weeks, scalp less greasy, hair loss slowed, hair healthier

23) Andrew: 5 weeks, have regrowth

24) JeffT's 1-month official report

25) Rafael: 17 days , hair loss slowed significantly

26) Yuck: 3 weeks, small blonde hairs coming out

1) AS - Shedding like crazy

2) Pezcedo - hair looks worse every day

3) Multiple testimonials - Joshua: still same hair loss / Pezcado: losing slightly more hair than usual / Steve: shedding like mad /

4) Multiple testimonials - Rowan: 24 days, still same hair loss / Peanuts: hairloss getting worse /

6) Steve: worse shedding in his life

7) MC: 24 days, hair continues to thin / Pezcado: 4 weeks and hair looks worse every day

8) Armand: 5 weeks and shedding continues

9) Multiple testimonials, still NO results per Rowan, Armand, HaPLO, Danny

10) Multiple testimonials, all about shedding per Questioner, Knucklehead, Jeremy, BigXII,

11) boutit: 1 month, zero help

12) Glutton: day 22, shedding in full force

13) Jason: 2 wks, shedding to the point where it's getting ridiculous

14) Kuch: official report after 3 weeks, hair loss increased

15) Peterl: 4 wks, definitely shedding more

16) Alan: 4 wks, disappointed so far


1) Payton : shedding + regrowth at the same time

2) AS - Shedding like crazy but also see regrowth near temples

3) Royce: topical dutasteride, huge shed followed by thickening of hairline

4) New Guy - increase in shedding but also regrowth on left temple


1) Royce - formulating topical dutas

2) Tech9 - Topical dutasteride with Phlojel

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