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2% progesterone cream, 5 months pics
(posted by debris E-mail, 01.08.2010, 23:36)

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This is fairly obsolete now. I stopped taking progesterone due to some spider veins I developed. Its common side of progesterone. And yes it sucks.


I bought natural 2% progesterone cream, and emptied few dut capsules into it, and used it several times a day in my temples. I run out of dut recently (and have some issues getting new batch), so I'm not using the dut there for the last month or so.

ok I tried to be as objective as possible when taking the pics, though, even slight change of the angle produced quite different results rly. Scale of the image is whole another story.

This is my before picture, 5 months or maybe bit longer old. I took it after a just few days on the progesterone when I realized that I can't pull any hair out of my temple area anymore. This was the first hint that it is going to work, so I grabbed my camera and took the picture immediately.

This is 3 weeks ago

Looks much much better, the hair is dry on that picture.

Now the latest picture, the hair is slightly greasy / wet (I applied the progesterone. It may be contributing to at least my impression that the 3 weeks old picture looks a bit better. I think I have not lost any hair in the last 3 weeks, surely I cant pull any out so if its not falling out it should not look any worse. And because I think it does look a bit worse, I guess its the greasy look that made it look more thin and thus makes the temple to look bigger. Not sure of course. I may try taking more pics later with dry hair and will see.

on the latest picture you can see an area of newly growing hair, in reality (if flash camera is not used) this looks much thicker, There are now I'd say 50 or so, terminal looking hair growign there. On the camera they do not show because they are sparse a lot and thus are unable to cast shadows, that's why on the flash camera it looks pretty much bald. All in all, if you compare the last two photographs, you should see that these hair are thickening there. I think that this area could completely fill in, in 6 months or so, but that's just my wish atm.

At the time of writing this my full regimen is this:

progesterone cream to temples few times a day (1-4, I sometimes apply it, it dries out, and 15 minutes later I put some more there, I use swansons premium brand, but used some uk based brand before which was also fine or even better ), I used to empty some dut capsules (Dr reddy's dutas) into the progesterone cream, but run out of dut so I dont use it anymore. Ketoconazole shampoo (Revita) daily, sometimes I add PTO shampoo (neutrogena t-gel european version for greasy hair, contains Pyroctone olamine) to it and use both mixed, I leave the shampoo 15 minutes on my scalp each day (I work at home so I can do it without problems ). I DO NOT use minox, nor any other topicals.

Now the pills: was on fin most of this year and several years before, on dut for few months this year, fin again now because I run out of dut. When taking fin I take 1.25mg / day (quarter of the fincar made by cipla). When on dut I used to take 0.5mg caps a day (Dr reddy's dutas). I take maca root (1-4 what looks to me like 500mg capsule a day, I buy it at random places, but the ones they sell on swansons are fine as well) (that gave me teenage hair density all over, but the temples), multivitamins (centrum brand), colostrum (good to get rid of your scalp itch, and allergies. I use Barny's Colostrum brand, 1 or 2 caps, every other day or so, on empty stomach, with loads of water (it needs to go through your stomach), then I eat on it), vitamin B complex (local generic brand rly), sometimes coenzyme Q10 (bought on swansons), when I was taking DUT, I was also taking ZMA (3x 500mg caps before the bed)(bought at a local gym) at night together with the dut. ZMA increases T and possibly can damage your hair, so investigate it first, please. Recently I added kudzu root (just an experiment rly, brand is Pharma active, I pop one capsule sometimes 2 a day). I am going to evaluate L-Taurine supplementation next.

If not stated otherwise, take the supplements together with your food.


I'm not too obsessed with dosages rly, I often skip doses, sometimes take less, on other days take more. The key stuff is oral finasteride which I have been on for years already and rarely skip a dose, the revita+pto shampoo 15 minutes a day, again sometimes I'm in hurry, but most of the days its 15 mins rly), Maca root (I recommend 2 or more 500mg caps a day), and progesterone cream applied to temples several times a day (mornings gently so it does not mess up your hair, evenings, use a bit more, let it soak in, and then add some). If you are already using minox, stick with it. If you are not, then my decision would be to stay away from it, but its your choice rly.

I have several years of finasteride experience, and have tried almost everything that can be bought over the net already. If you are on the big 3 and want my opinion about two key things you are missing, then it would be progesterone cream to temples, and maca root to increase hair density.


Here's some incomplete list of stuff I tried and dropped for its lack of effectiveness that would satisfy my needs in temples:

- flutamide
- copper peptides, the strongest ones you could buy from dr proctor
- minox + retinA
- hydrocortisone
- spectral dnc,
- apple polys and procyanidins
- and loads of other things I tried before.

Remember that we are all different, You may respond better to this stuff than I did. All in all, my opinion is, that in temples, progesterone (possibly boosted by emptying dutasteride caps into it, although I do not use dut anymore) beats all of it.

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