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balding so young
(posted by baldingyoung, 14.12.2010, 01:09 (edited by baldingyoung on 04.01.2011, 18:41))

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I have been balding ( male pattern baldness, normal hair loss ) since I was 17 , I had two hair transplants bad done back in 1998 ( I did not have internet by that time to get real information ):-( . My hair loss was really fast , and I think that without med at 25 I should did go bald , like a norwood 7 kind of hair loss
Now I have 32 and have my hair loss stabilize by finasteride first and then Dutasteride ( also using minoxidil and ketoconazol , in lotion form both ) .
I am now a active member in different hair loss forums and hope to fix this bad hair transplant and hope to keep what I have forever .

   [Showing 1 of 1 Personal journal posted by baldingyoung]   
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