Hair Transplant Repair

by Dr. Epstein and corrective procedures such as hairline revision or hair transplant donor scar repair for patients with unsatisfactory previous hair transplant work from other hair restoration clinics.

OVER 9,000

Hair Restoration Procedures Performed !!!

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein's patient
before and after photo of FUE hair transplant procedure

* Many patients come to the Foundation for Hair Restoration to have repaired previous, inferior quality hair restoration results. FHR's surgeons have perhaps more experience in these challenging cases than any surgeons in the specialty, with Dr. Epstein in particular performing hundreds of these procedures every year, and having authored articles and presented techniques at national meetings. While most patients can expect a dramatic improvement in appearance, the revision work entails additional expense, procedures, and time, and the use of additional hairs, commodities that could have been saved if they had taken our advice to "get it done right the first time."

For most revision patients, the result of the initial hair restoration is a "pluggy" hairline. This is usually the result of work using grafts that are too large, either performed years earlier or more recently with old-fashioned, outmoded techniques. Hair restorations can appear unnatural also for such reasons as improper hairline placement, improper angling of grafts, or scarring of the donor site and transplant areas. Other times, patients are disappointed in the density of the previously performed hair restoration, or had a painful or messy experience with previous procedures. In all cases, patients can take comfort in knowing that the work performed by one of our surgeons will be the finest available, minimizing any future expenses and the need for further revision work.

The techniques used by the Foundation for Hair Restoration doctors to repair unsatisfactory work include scar revisions, revision micro/minigrafting, the removal and re-transplantation of partial and entire grafts that are too large or misplaced, scalp reductions, and laser skin resurfacing. Factors that make revision hair work more challenging, factors which may include scarring, compromised blood flow, and limited remaining donor hair, can all be overcome using these modern techniques. Our doctors have written articles about the techniques used to repair prior transplants..

Click hair transplant repair to see before and after photos from patients who had undergone hair transplant corrective or repair procedures at Dr. Epstein's clinic.

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