Q&A with Dr. Nigam about his stem cell hair multiplication procedure

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Dr. Nigam's Hair multiplication procedure is unproven with a lot of unknowns, this is for information purpose only in order for us to learn more about the legitimacy of his technique and is not an endorsement of the procedure by HairSite

Questions raised by HairSite's forum members:

HMorHT - 1. how many patients have been treated with hair multiplication using stem cells so far? Where are the before and after pictures?

2. what is Dr. Nigam's background and credentials, how come I have never heard of his name before? How long has he been doing hair transplants?

3. what is "Hair Activation" that I read on this link, what is the difference between Hair Activation and Hair Multiplication?

4. how do you extract the 300 hair grafts? same as how they do it in FUE or do you plug the hair follicles?

Dr. Nigam - Dear HMORHT ,Approx. 500 HM performed so far. I am the CMD of a cosmetic surgery company called, DR. NIGAM'S GOODHEALTH PVT.LTD. We are a team of surgeons, my focus is on stem cell hair multiplication, and donor doubling with activated stem cells, my other team members are into fue, fut and rest of the cosmetic surgeries. Our team also includes dermatologisst, other doctors, anaesthetists and technicians. We are the only doctors, as far as we know, who have their own GMP certified stem cell lab., with tissue engineers and biotechnologists, in MUMBAI ,INDIA. For before after pics ,please visit my website. Kindly understand hair transplant industry consumer awareness is not as robust as in the western world, hence hair transplant surgeons communicate to the consumers in easy to understand language and evidence, internet is not the main source of reaching to the patients in my country, but as promised I am gradually uploading evidences required by the forum members, 6 months should be a good time to provide following to the members...1) HD photos with semipermanent ink markings ,with same angle and lighting before after pic's and videos. 2) scientific publication of my documented results in a journal or congress 3) since safety approval of aderans and histogen is already cleared by USFDA, by their phase one clinical trials, the same documents are excepted by my regulatory body. Since I am not into marketing stem cell as a drug like histogen hence regulations are softer for me ,since any treatment is followed up under the direct monitoring of board certified doctors, there are few other doctors across the globe who are also working like me at their clinic level, though I am the only one having specialised lab with my clinic. We have a 15 bedded hair transplant centre, spread across 8000 sq.ft. with a staff strength of 100 plus. Hair activation means,we extract hg and isolate stemcells, than activate them with specific growth factors plus extracellular matrix and inject it back to the scalp the same day. In HM ,the isolated stem cells are multiplied into millions and activated for next 2 months and then injected back to the scalp, as per our new protocol. At present we use FUE to extract grafts but few months down the line we will start extracting stem cells through donor doubling.

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