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Q&A with Dr. Nigam about his stem cell hair multiplication procedure

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Dr. Nigam's Hair multiplication procedure is unproven with a lot of unknowns, this is for information purpose only in order for us to learn more about the legitimacy of his technique and is not an endorsement of the procedure by HairSite

Questions raised by HairSite's forum members:

Craig - Can you just tell me what exactly is DONOR DOUBLING? How does it work?

Dr. Nigam - I prefer calling my Donor Doubling technique, the Hair Doubling, because my technique allows both, donor and recipient Doubling. We perform Hair doubling in the following steps: 1) we extract a hair follicle/s by FUE from the donor. 2)The follicle is than stained with eosin and haematoxylin to identify the follicle morphometry and locate the bulge stem cells. 3) The follicle is than transversally bisected just below the bulge. 4)These two bisected parts can both be implanted at the recipient area or one at donor and the other at the recipient. 5) Few non bisected grafts are sent to the stem cell lab, for isolation and activation of stem cells to active progenitor cells, and than injected into and around the two parts of implanted follicles. Hence, either part receives the stem cells it was missing after bisection. I am in the documentation process for HAIR DOUBLING the same, should come out with my findings in next 6months,and than hopefully offer at my clinic.

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