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Q&A with Dr. Nigam about his stem cell hair multiplication procedure

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Dr. Nigam's Hair multiplication procedure is unproven with a lot of unknowns, this is for information purpose only in order for us to learn more about the legitimacy of his technique and is not an endorsement of the procedure by HairSite

Questions raised by HairSite's forum members:

Mell - Could you try plucking hairs from the donor site and dipping them in the hair multipipication cell solution then implant them like a regular FUE transplant. The plucked hairs have some stem cells clinging to the follice root but not enough to grow. With the extra stem cells from the solution the plucked follicle would have a better chance to grow. The plucked hair from the donor site will grow back so there would be ulimited donor hair (except for the 200 FUE to make the hair multipication solution)

Dr. Nigam - Fantastic , MELL, actually for these feedbacks i had come to this forum, not to promote dr nigam, which some of the critics cannot understand. I will definitely try this and document and give u a feedback, theoretically it makes sense. we are already the only clinic i suppose, who is putting antibiotics like gentamicin, antimycotic into the graft storage medium, for waiting grafts in fue, because unlike most of the clinics, even if their is a minimal infection of the grafts, while they are waiting to be implanted ,results will be poor. similarly, we put arterial 250 ml PRP(not 10ml) into the graft solution even in fue , to nourish the waiting grafts and give them the same serum environment as in the scalp, because anyway the grafts are supported by serum in the scalp till neo vascularity develops. we also put stem cell inducing growth factors ,the same that we use in our lab to improve quality of fue hair growth. instead of just dipping ,i prefer,activated stem cell injections on normal donor and recipient site of fue, even in non Hair Multiplication patients. Actually the stem cells in the plucked grafts ,as claimed by dr.gho, cannot be activated unless isolated with biological markers in a lab, that's the advantage of having a lab with the clinic.

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