Hair Transplant Donor Doubling Explained

Q&A with Dr. Nigam about his stem cell hair multiplication procedure

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Dr. Nigam's Hair multiplication procedure is unproven with a lot of unknowns, this is for information purpose only in order for us to learn more about the legitimacy of his technique and is not an endorsement of the procedure by HairSite

Questions raised by HairSite's forum members:

Mr. Z - I have a question regarding your doubling technique. Based on what you wrote in your post, is it correct to say that for your duplication method you:

1. take a follicle from the occipital region the scalp via FUE.

2. This extracted follicle is stained with Hematoxylin/Eosin

3. The follicle is then put under a light microscope and the stem cells are identified.

4. This same follicle is then bisected and the two halves are either both put into the recipient or one half is put in the donor the other in the recipient.

5. This process 1-4 is then repeated for as many follicles as the Dr and patient agree on beforehand?

Is this a correct interpretation of your process?

Thank you in advance

Dr. Nigam - 3) we cannot identify stem cells under microscope with staining ,but we can identify the mid follicle bulge part of hair follicle, where bulge stem cells are stored. Few other grafts ,without bisection are sent to lab for stem cell isolation and activation to progenitor cells. Rest of your interpretation is correct.

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