Toronto Body Hair to Scalp Transplant

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Body Hair to Scalp Transplant

Science in hair transplantation has greatly advanced in recent years. Doctors now understand how to remove hair one by one with the technique of EXTRACTION of Utunities Folliculaires (method “TFEU”), and on virtually any body part. This has created an interest for people who can not have enough hair to complete a hair transplant. In these cases, the hair can be taken from the chest to be transplanted at the top of the head. Hairs here are slightly different hair, but allow a good strategy thickening. The best candidates for this procedure are patients who may have had hair transplants earlier and just want to increase capillary density.

The doctor and his staff take the chest hair (the donor) by removing each hair follicle, called follicular units one by one. Each follicular unit is taken with the aid of an air jet. The advantage with this method is that the doctor is not obliged to make an incision in the area. Healing is faster and there are no stitches. This has led some doctors to say that there was no scar because there is no linear cutting.