The needles used in the extraction of follicular units were designed by Dr. KESER and approved by Turkish Patent Institute on September 16 2003 . For international patenting, a PCT application has been filed. These needles enable the removal of the hair with the surrounding microscopic tissue from the donor site without any damage to the hair root. The needles have a specially designed tip of 0.7-0.9 mm in diameter and are in a lumen(tube) form. About 6-8 mm distal part of the needle is inserted into the skin and withdrawn. This process resembles that of a complete removal of a plant with its root from the ground. Similarly, the hair and hair root is completely extracted from the scalp.

The grafts (FU) harvested through this process are then transplanted into the hairless area. In implantation process, not the needles mentioned above but the injection needles with 0.6-0.8 mm diameters are used.

The grafts are placed through very little holes inflicted by these needles. Since both the graft and implantation holes are too small, it is possible to achieve a denser transplantation (60-80 cm 2 ) and leave no scars on the skin.