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Hair Loss Doctors & Specialists

Stem cell hair restoration & hair cloning news; Platelet Rich Plasma hair therapy; cell based hair treatment and more from Hair Transplant Doctors in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Sydney, Delhi, Mumbai, Belgium, Turkey and other cities around the world. 

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Find a hair loss doctor or specialist near you. Take advantage of our panel of doctors & specialists from around the world offering consultations and in-depth evaluation for men and women with hair loss or thinning hair. The service is absolutely FREE, NO CHARGE, NO COST, no obligation.

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Obtain multiple evaluations with a simple click of the mouse. We will get you 2nd opinion, 3rd opinion, 4th opinion and more from some of the Top Ranked hair restoration doctors and clinics around the world. Again, absolutely FREE of charge with no obligation to purchase anything.

Top Ranked Hair Doctors & Specialists Worldwide *

Our Scientific Advisory Board is made of up some of the biggest names in hair restoration around the world. Not all doctors or clinics are created equal. This is why our service gives you full access to FREE advice from clinics offering the most cutting edge in hair restoraiton. See bottom of this page for detailed credentials for each.

Most Advanced & Cutting Edge in Hair Restoration

Below is a list of treatments, trials, research or procedures currently offered by our network of sponsoring physicians, doctors and specialists worldwide. Complete the consultation form below and find out for FREE if you are a good candidate for any or all of the following.

  • FUE hair transplant
  • BHT body hair transplant
  • Facial hair restoration
  • Beard hair transplant
  • Hair transplant repair
  • Scalp Micropigmentation
  • Stem cell hair trials
  • ACell Regeneration Matrix
  • Platelet Rich Plasma PRP
  • Laser therapy;
  • Eyebrow restoration
  • Eyelash restoration
  • Prescription strength topical formula
  • Topical Finasteride
  • Topical Spironolactone
  • Super Strength Minoxidil
  • ARATAS & NeoGraft
  • Burn victims

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Scientific Advisory Board Panel

Hair loss doctors & specialists on HairSite are ranked based on number of successful patient results published in our forum community that is open to all. Rankings are further categorized by territory and by speciality. Below is a partial list of specialists that you can access for FREE advice and evaluation through our service.

→ Dr. Ray Woods: inventor of FUE, BHT and Top Ranked in Australia;
→ Dr. Cole: Stem cell hair trial, ACell Regeneration Matrix & Platelet Rich Plasma specialist in US;
→ Dr. Umar: Top Ranked megasession Body Hair Transplant specialist in the world;
→ Dr. Arvind: Overall Top Ranked hair transplant clinic in India & Worldwide;
→ Alvi Armani: Overall Top Ranked hair transplant clinic in US;
→ Hasson & Wong: Overall Top Ranked hair transplant clinic in Canada;
→ Dr. Jones: Overall Top Ranked hair transplant clinic in Ontario, Canada;
→ Dr. Reddy: Overall Top Ranked hair transplant clinic in UK;
→ Dr. Erdogan: Overall Top Ranked hair transplant clinic in Turkey;
→ Dr. Bisanga: Overall Top Ranked hair transplant clinic in Belgium;
→ HDC: Overall Top Ranked hair transplant clinic in Middle East & Mediterranean;
→ and many more worldwide...

Disclaimer & Disclosure

Please note that some treatments or procedures are considered surgical and even experimental in nature. There is no guarantee when it comes to hair restoration and there are risks involved especially when surgical procedures are involved. It is not the mandate of this site to engage in the discussion of failed or unsuccessful treatments. Readers are advised to exercise caution and discuss with his or her own physician and do throughout background check on every treatment provider before making a decision. HairSite facilitates consultations with multiple doctors and clinics but is under no circumstances the provider of treatment. HairSite does not offer medical advice or opinion. Some doctors or clinics are sponsoring physicians of HairSite.