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Dr. Keser Hair Transplant Reviews Ankara Turkey

dr keser hair transplant reviews ankara turkey


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  • FUE

    Follicular unit extraction

  • BHT

    Body hair transplant


    Women hair transplant

  • SMP

    Scalp Micropigmentation


    FUHT Strip hair transplant


    Eyebrow transplant


    Eyelash transplant


    Hair transplant repair


    Noshave FUE


    Facial hair restoration

  • PRP

    Platelet rich plasma hair therapy


    Stem cell building blocks therapy


    Hair follicle stem cells banking

About Dr. Keser

Dr. Abdul Muttalip Keser graduated from Ankara University Medical Faculty in 1991 and received his plastic surgery education at Ankara Numune Education and Research Hospital between 1992 and 1997. He established Derma -Past esthetic surgery center in 1998. In addition to all types of esthetic surgery operations, FUE method, the latest in hair transplantation, has been successfully performed at Derma-Plast since 2003 according to Dr. Keser.

Dr. Keser is among the early adopters of FUE hair transplant technique in Turkey. Dr.Keser started his scientific studies in late 2002 and based his experiences on scientific grounds. In the affiliated departments of the universities in Turkey and in the USA , he designed and produced Follicular Unit Extractor after 20 months of research studies. This specially designed needle is a self-design of Dr. Keser and all its rights belong to him. With these needles, the extraction of follicular units without a loss of anatomical unity has been possible. The needles was approved by Turkish Patent Institution in 2003, and PCT application for international patent has been filed.

About Hairplast

Hairplast was founded in 2003 as an integral part of Derma-Plast. At Hairplast, hair transplantation is done using Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) method.

According to Dr. Keser, he was among the first to perform FUE in Turkey. FUE at his clinic is performed using a specially designed needle. Dr. Keser started his studies in late 2002 and developed his own technique. He designed and produced Follicular Unit Extractor at universities Turkey and elsewhere. Specifically designed needle was patented by Turkish Patent Institute in 2003, and an application for international PCT was filed.

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FUE - Follicular Unit Extraction with Dr. Keser, Ankara Turkey

FUE dr keser hair transplant ankara turkey

In the structure termed as follicular unit, 1-5 (usually 2-3, on the average 2) hairs and their roots are contained. In FUE, 600-800 grafts are removed and implanted per session. One day waiting period between the sessions will suffice. All 6-8 sessions are performed one day apart and 4-5 thousand grafts (8-10 thousand hairs) can be transplanted. Preservation of anatomic unity and immediate transplantation are the basics.

dr keser fue hair transplant reviews ankara turkey

Dr. Keser - FUE Hair Transplant Patent

The needles used in the extraction of follicular units were designed by Dr. KESER and approved by Turkish Patent Institute on September 16 2003 . For international patenting, a PCT application has been filed. These needles enable the removal of the hair with the surrounding microscopic tissue from the donor site without any damage to the hair root. The needles have a specially designed tip of 0.7-0.9 mm in diameter and are in a lumen(tube) form. About 6-8 mm distal part of the needle is inserted into the skin and withdrawn. This process resembles that of a complete removal of a plant with its root from the ground. Similarly, the hair and hair root is completely extracted from the scalp.

The grafts (FU) harvested through this process are then transplanted into the hairless area. In implantation process, not the needles mentioned above but the injection needles with 0.6-0.8 mm diameters are used.

The grafts are placed through very little holes inflicted by these needles. Since both the graft and implantation holes are too small, it is possible to achieve a denser transplantation (60-80 cm 2 ) and leave no scars on the skin.

dr keser fue hair transplant patent
Dr Keser FUE hair transplant patent certificate

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BHT - Body Hair Transplant with Dr. Keser, Ankara Turkey

body hair transplant dr keser ankara turkey

In the cases with severe hair loss and insufficient hair on the head area as a donor site removal of roots from other parts of the body is possible. The procedure called Body Hair Transplantation (BHT) is only possible through FUE method. Scientific research has shown that the hair roots obtained from other parts of the body and transplanted on the scalp easily adapt to the new area and their diameters and growth increase. Particularly chest hairs are preferred because of their thick texture and location on a hard surface. Owing to this, the transplantation to eyebrows that are not desired to grow long and lashes can be transplanted as well.

dr keser body hair transplant ankara turkey

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Hairline - Dense Packing

In FUE, more grafts compared to those in other methods can be removed. Moreover, the diameters of the grafts are smaller. This enables the transplantation of grafts into very small holes inflicted on the receiving area. More grafting can be performed in a smaller area. About 60-80 graft transplantation per cm 2 is possible. The holes inflicted on the transplantation area have a diameter of 0.6-0.8 mm; thus, there is no scar formation. Consequently, a transplantation which is very natural and not distinguished from the original is achieved.

fue hair transplant dense packing
70 grafts (140 hairs) per cm2
Dense packing - 1 week healing post op
Hairline dense packing
Density on normal skin, donor site
Appearnace, recipient site after dense packing

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