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Hairplast was founded in 2003 within the body of Derma-Plast. At Hairplast, hair transplantation is achieved through the latest technology of Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE) method.

This new technique has been in use in only few centers in the world. FUE method does not present the disadvantages of conventional hair transplantation methods.

In fact, it offers many advantages. Conventional method, which is widely used in both Turkey and the world, is based on excision and replacement of an elliptic strip form the back of the head. However, in FUE method, hair follicles are removed with the help of a special needle and transplanted in hairless areas without any excision or replacement.

Dr. Keser was the first physician to perform FUE in Turkey. He achieves transplantation with a needle specially designed by him. Dr. Keser started his studies in late 2002 and developed his technique based on scientific foundations. He designed and produced Follicular Unit Extractor in relevant departments of the universities of our country and in the USA throughout more than 20 studies. Specifically designed needle was patented by Turkish Patent Institute in 2003, and an application for international PCT was filed.

In FUE method, without excision or transplantation of a hair strip, follicular units are removed by the use of specifically designed follicular unit extractor and transplanted into hairless area. Follicular units removed are evaluated for both morphological and anatomical unity.

At Hairplast, the infrastructure has been improved until technically and clinically optimum results are achieved and FUE has been successfully performed since the beginning of 2003 in the light of scientific principles.
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