Beard & Facial Hair Transplant

offered at Civas Hair Clinic located at Ugur Mumcu Street,61/6 Gaziosmanpasa (GOP) Cankaya / ANKARA / TURKEY.

The demand for beard and facial hair transplant has increased dramatically in recent years, thanks to a large number of successful results showcased in our open forum.

It wasn't until recently when the general public became aware that doctors can now reconstruct or create natural looking beard, moustache, goatee, sideburns and most types of facial hair through advanced hair transplantation techniques.

At Civas clinic, most facial or beard hair transplants take about 4-5 hours to perform and each session can involve anywhere from 800-1500 grafts transferred from the back of the head to the beard depending on the needs of the patient. Dr Civas gives special care to the angle of placement as well as density of the hairs; only 1s or 2s FUs are used in beard transplant. Another point he carefully considers is distributing of the grey hairs to give a natural looking outcome.