Innovative hair transplant surgical tools and instruments that doctors and physicians are using to achieve the best results for their patients. 

Dr. Cole at ISHRS European Workshop - Dr. Cole is the world's leading innovator and inventor of cutting edge instruments for hair restoration

Over 30 doctors and clinics from around the world, they all have 1 thing in common, they all rely on Dr. Cole's hair transplant instruments and devices.

Proof and ultimate testament that surgical tools, devices and instruments invented or developed by Dr. Cole are hugely popular and adopted by physicians around the world and growing rapidly every day.

Below are some of the leading doctors and surgeons who are currently using Dr. Cole's instruments in their every day practice, it speaks volume about the effectiveness and worldwide recognition of his devices.

AK Clinic, India


Arika Bansal, Uttarakhand, India


Bijan Feriduni, MD Belgium


Bradley Wolf, Cincinnati, OH


Conradin von Albertini, MD , Zurich, Switzerland


Damkerng Pathomvanich, MD , Thailand


Dr Brian Goertz, Seattle


Dr Zulfiqar Tunio, Dubai


Ekrem Civas, MD, Cyprus


Elias Tam Tak Chuen, MBBS Singapore


Géza Sikos, Hungary


Good Look Ink, Inc, US

HDC, Cyprus

Ivan S Cohen, MD Fairfield, CO


Jean Devroye, MD, Belgium


Joerg Hugeneck, MD, Vienna Austria


Kenichiro Imagawa, MD Japan


Kongkiat Laorwong, MD Thailand


Mohammad Hussain, MD Pakistan


Dr. Patrick Mwamba, Belgium


Raymond Konior, MD Illionois, US


Rene Rodríguez Medical, Bogota, Columbia


Dr. Rhett Bosnich Melbourne Australia


Dr. Robert True, New York City, NY  


Ronald L Shapiro, MD Bloomington, MI


Sotirios Theocharis, MD  


Steven Gabel, MD Hillsboro, OR


Tyng Yuan Tan, MBBS Singapore


Dr. Walter Unger, US and Canada


Dr. William Reed, La Jolla, CA  


Dr. William Yates, Chicago, IL
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