Dr. Mwamba FUE hair transplant

offered at his clinic located at 73 Rue Defacqz 1060 Bruxelles Belgium. 

Dr. Patrick Mwamba

Dr. Mwamba is one of the physicians who is truly experienced with FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction. FUE is the most revolutionary breakthrough in hair transplant technology for the past decade. It is minimally invasive compared to traditional strip procedures, fast healing time and allows the patients more options to style their hair than ever before. FUE opens new possibilities in hair transplantation that were never available before.

Because of the demand for FUE in recent years, many doctors "claim" to offer this technological advanced procedure to their patients in order to stay competitive in the business. However, in reality, most of these doctors are actually not skillful FUE surgeon by any standards and their tactic is to convince their patients to proceed with the traditional strip technique instead during the initial consultation. A practice commonly referred to as "bait-and-switch" tactics.  With Dr. Mwamba, you have nothing to worry about. You will not experience the same misleading tactics at his reputable clinic.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Mwamba is undeniably one of the world's pioneers in FUE hair transplantation. He is one of the very few who adopted this new technique in Belgium and also across Europe. Over the years, Dr. Mwamba has consistently published highly acclaimed FUE results that have been subject to the scrutiny and reviews of his peers and in our community. Few would argue that Dr. Mwamba is one of the top FUE doctors in the world. He is equally competent in both FUE and Strip techniques. An attribute that is very difficult to come by in the business.

When doing your research, don't simply trust what the doctor or clinic advertises to you. A lot of doctors and clinics make claims that are rarely substantiated. Not all FUE surgeons are created equal. To be a truly experienced FUE doctor takes many years of practice. Always demand to see extensive documentation of FUE patient results over a span of many years. This is an area where experience counts more than anything else. No machine or computerized equipment can replace the skills required for this micro surgical procedure.

Below is an example of Dr. Mwamba's remarkable FUE work. Before and after results after 3414 grafts and 6 months post op.