TriWings® LED Light

treatment for healthy hair growth at Dr. Mwamba's clinic located at 73 Rue Defacqz 1060 Bruxelles Belgium.

Dr. Patrick Mwamba - TriWings LED Light Hair Treatment

Dr. Mwamba is the first featured doctor on HairSite who offers TriWings LED light to stimulate healthy hair growth for his patients. Another testament to Dr. Mwamba's never yielding quest for the latest and most advanced hair loss treatment for his patients.

According to Dr. Mwamba, Low laser light and LED stimulate the cytochrome C which by cascade activities will generate ATP or energy at cellular level. Therefore the cells will better perform its function and in the particular case of hair cells, it will produce hairs of better quality and better caliber because of improved function of keratinocytes. Enhanced hair pigmentation is also possible because of improved function of melanocyte cells.

Results will vary from one person to another because with lighting, the power of lighting matters, the level of light absorption matters (factor of skin color, skin thickness ,etc...).

Most Laser comb devices use 6 to 12 laser modules; the one that is available at Dr. Mwamba's clinic uses 56 modules, Lasercap 220 , the Triwings 400 ,etc...

It should be noted that patients need to follow instructions and be patient. It can take 6 to 12 months to start noticing improvements.

Triwings (LED light) is also very helpful even for immediate post op benefits after a hair transplant surgery: Dr. Mwamba uses it to control pain or discomfort in patients and also to minimize redness or decrease inflammatory process.